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Guest.  Dr. Michael Gleason; Topics: Dr. Gleason's paper for the Center For Space Policy And Strategy, deterrence, weapons, strategy, credibility, the adversary, and new technology. 

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We welcomed back to the program Dr. Michael Gleason to discuss his October 2020 paper "Getting  The Most Deterrent Value From U.S. Space Forces.  You can download the paper here:  During our one segment 72 minute discussion, our guest both defined and provided us with an in-depth understanding of the role of all our space forces in deterrence due to intervention by a host of bad actors. While China and Russia were singled out as our main adversaries, our guest point out the role of smaller, possibly rogue nations and even small groups or individual capable of advanced hacking of various system.  Please read the paper and listen to this very important discussion.

Once again, I am repeating the tags and key words as they summarize most of the topics we discussed, plus they are in the order we discussed them.

Tags-Key Words:  Dr, Michael Gleason, Center for Space Policy and Strategy, Getting The Most Deterrent Value From U.S. Space Forces, defining deterrent value, capabilities, credibility, communicating to adversary, survivable deterrent, ground weapons, space weapons, spaceflight vulnerabilities, satellite vulnerability, satellite command and control, consequences, punishment, nuclear, non-nuclear, satellite weak link, congressional vulnerability awareness, commercial satellite protections, commercial satellites and the military, eminent domain and commercial satellite bandwidth, Homeland Security ISAT, near peer adversary threats, degrading GPS, Space Development Agency, mesh satellite networks in LEO, mesh satellite networks connecting space-based sensors and war fighters, satellite constellation radiation threat, space debris considerations, WW2 Sherman tank vs. Panzer tank example, tit for tat retaliation, congressional funding concerns, deterrent and economic disruption, deterrence and allies, U.S. Space Force Naval ranks or Air Force ranks, William Shatner Op-Ed for Naval ranks, U.S. speaking with one voice on policy and deterrence, French Body Guard satellites. 

A few topics stood out for me so let me briefly point them out with a link to where you can get more information:

 A.  The Dept. of Homeland Security Information Sharing Assessment Tool (ISAT).

B.  The Space Development Agency (SDA) and what it does to support the warfighter and more: Briefly, the SDA "ensures continued U.S. leadership in an era of renewed great power competition. Our charge is to create and sustain lethal, resilient, threat-driven, and affordable military space capabilities that provide persistent, resilient, global, low-latency surveillance to deter or defeat adversaries."  For more information, see

C.  Mesh network LEO satellite constellations for military communications and more:

D.  French bodyguard satellites;

Our discussion on most of the topics referenced in this summary was complete but I got the impression we barely scratched the surface on many of them.  Again, I suggest you read Dr. Gleason's excellent but short paper.  If you can suggest additional guests on related national security topics, please do so.

Please post your comments/questions for this show on our blog.  You can reach Dr. Gleason through his paper and the Center or me here at The Space Show.




"Getting the Most Deterrent Value From U.S. Space Forces"

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06 Dec 2020 Dr. Michael Gleason
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