Broadcast 2329 (Special Edition)

05 Oct 2014 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest: Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston. Topics: As this was an Open Lines show, we discussed a wide variety of topic per listener calls & emails. Please direct all comments and questions regarding Space Show programs/guest(s) to the Space Show blog, Comments and questions should be relevant to the specific Space Show program. Written Transcripts of Space Show programs are a violation of our copyright and are not permitted without prior written consent, even if for your own use. We do not permit the commercial use of Space Show programs or any part thereof, nor do we permit editing, YouTube clips, or clips placed on other private channels & websites. Space Show programs can be quoted, but the quote must be cited or referenced using the proper citation format. Contact The Space Show for further information. In addition, please remember that your Amazon purchases can help support The Space Show/OGLF. See For those listening to archives using and rating the programs, please email me as to why you assign a specific rating to the show. This will help me bring better programming to the audience. Welcome to this two hour discussion on a variety of space topics per listener emails and calls. During the first segment, our first caller was Dr. Dough Haynes of Blue Ridge Nebula Airlines. He wanted to talk about his books as well as his advanced propulsion vehicle in the form of a "flying saucer." He also spoke about starting a drone business and his Open House later this month in the Denver area. Visit his websites for more information,, Given we were at the 10th anniversary of the winning of the X Prize, I asked Doug about his progress as well as the industry's progress in doing suborbital tourist flights. He had some interesting comments specifically addressing his technology projects. I also read an email from B John in Sweden who commented on the Boeing-SpaceX award for commercial crew based on the information I put out in the introduction of today's show. Doug from S. California called next and told us about his plans to develop and build an inflatable lunar hab module, perhaps at the UofA in Tucson,. He went on to describe the hab including materials and size. He also said this would be supportive of his lunar conference he is planning for Oct. 2015 in Flagstaff, AZ. He wanted more information, possibly from listeners, regarding sanitation issues in space and recycling human waste. Toward the end of his comments, we talked about the recent lunar tourism article "A Lunar Road Trip" by Dr. Spudis, In the second segment, I read an email from Luis in Venezuela which I will post on the blog on his behalf. Though it was addressed to Dr. Doug in S. California, others may be interested in it as well. Our next caller was SLS John in Ft. Worth. John wanted to talk about the Boeing-SpaceX NASA commercial crew award and why Boeing was rated higher than the other parties. He spent some time explaining his thoughts, then Alan sent him an email asking if he had finally changed his mind on SLS. John had not and again explained his SLS position. I suggested an SLS debate on TSS show with him and Rick Boozer who I will invite for such a program. I did get John to agree to do it. Before John ended his comments, he brought up the recent Dr. Don Lincoln show about alien contact and UFOs and such. This turned into quite a discussion about the topic which I really like but admit to very little credible information and evidence existing. After John left the phone, Marshall called in to say that both sides of this argument often come to the table with their specific interest at the top of the list and that makes it even harder to study as a serious issue. I also went over the upcoming Space Show schedule during this segment. Post your comments/questions on TSS blog above. You can reach any of the callers or those sending in emails through me.



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