Broadcast 1030 (Special Edition)

05 Oct 2008 Dr. Nader Elhefnawy
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Guest: Dr. Nader Elhefnawy had his debut appearance on The Space Show today in order to discuss his recent Space Review articles. Please check out and Our discussion was wide-ranging with excellent listener questions challenging our guest and his theories/perceptions or, in some cases, agreeing with our guest. We talked about what makes a business profitable, NewSpace ( and business development, timing, space tourism, regulations, risk, and even climbing Mt. Everest as an analog case. Economics was discussed including the GWP of the US and other nations, space solar power economics was again mentioned, downplaying the validity of SSP (I really wish a qualified person could respond to the economic challenges to SSP as posed by many of our economically and financially astute guests and listeners. If you can suggest someone to me to do the economics supporting SSP, please pass on the reference). Toward the end of the program, we talked about what makes a great space power, leadership, and how a great space power stays in the lead. You will want to hear this discussion. In the last segment as well, Nader talked about O'Neill space stations. He said he actually crunched the numbers on such a station and, in this segment, he shares with us his analysis, both as to numbers and to the number of shuttles or similar vehicles needed to realized the space stations. If you want to send a comment or question to Dr. Nader Elhefnawy, please use



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