Broadcast 566

05 Oct 2006
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Marshall Martin provided this month's Deep Space Message. Here is the text of his message: To Whom It May Concern: By the time you receive this message, my planet Earth maybe gone and all my descendants too. Many think it will be by war or global warming. I know there are bigger problems looming like: A major asteroid impact, loss of our radiation blocking magnetic field, and or a stellar dust cloud blocking our sun's warming rays. If this happens, know that our species constantly fought with each other over power and prestige. We would not bind together for the common good and move into space. We missed the opportunity of endless electrical power and totally unlimited living space for our descendants. We preferred addressing immediate issues: going to war, rebuilding a few homes, feeding a few poor people, and other politically correct projects. We had no thoughts for the thousands of generations of our descendants in space and on our home planet. While it’s important that we help people in need, we should not have sacrificed the futures of our descendants as we did. We have sacrificed thousands of lives in war and our country uses up its financial integrity needed to guarantee the prosperity of future generations. What is so strange is that a handful of lost lives in our space program crippled it to the point of it being shut down. We are just too short sighted! Political short sightedness prevented the politicians from seeing the benefits of life in space. Therefore, we make war instead of exploring which would have stimulated our continued development. The politicians voted to rebuild flooded cities destine to flood again instead of building the cities in space. The politicians voted to build coal and nuclear power plants instead of 100% clean, space based power. These opportunities of space were postponed until it was too late. We have no real political leadership! May your God bless you with the intelligence to move into space. It will make you the blessed beings that eventually inherit the galaxy. Once you have a viable population in space, it will take just a few million years to make the galaxy yours. Good Luck.


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