Broadcast 3407 Dr. Hal Doiron and Tom Wysmuller

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Guests:  Dr. Hal Doiron, Tom Wysmuller;  The climate science work by the Right Climate Stuff Group ( which consists of retired NASA Apollo veterans.

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Listeners, I am fully aware that the subjects and comments talked about by our guests, callers, emails listeners and myself  may be controversial with some of you objecting to my having done this program. As the host, I tried very hard to avoid partisan politics and ideology, instead staying with science, facts, and holding the guests and listeners to those standards.  I honestly believe we did avoid partisan politics as being partisan accomplishes nothing in my opinion, not just for climate science issues but for most things.  Please keep in mind that The Space Show has always aired all sides of issues, especially controversial issues and I hope to continue doing that.  Also note that near the end of the program, we lost the phone line for Hal a few times.  He was using a cordless phone and his battery kept dying on him toward the end of the call.

I will be glad to offer Space Show time to any qualified person wanting to rebut, challenge or offer opposing points of view and facts to those presented by Hal and Tom.  The only requirements are to keep the discussion non-partisan, to be civil (no name calling or going after character) and no abusive language. I would also hope the guest would avoid political ideology.  That said, different ideas, different understandings of facts, different conclusions, they are all welcome.  If you have someone in mind that would be a good guest or if you might be a good guest on the topics at hand, please let me know.  If you have email contact information for your guest suggestion, that would be helpful.  And remember, we should stick to facts and data and numbers.  Once again, I am more than happy and willing to present the other side of this complex issue.

We welcomed both Dr. Hal Doiron and Tm Wysmuller to the show for a one segment 101 minute wide ranging factual climate science discussion.  Once again, visit their website plus the websites mentioned during the program for supportive information.  In summarizing this program, I will touch on the topics discussed in a more or less survey manner but for details do listen to what Hal and Tom talked about.

We started with background information on our guests with their previous NASA Apollo work plus their continued work in space, commercial space, meteorology, climate, consulting and teaching. Please see their bios for more details on their post-Apollo work.  Our guests then told us why they decided, with others, to form the Right Climate Stuff group starting at NASA JSC.  Part of the reason for doing so was that they found NASA climate science was not science and not following the scientific method.  Note the two letters the sent with dozens of signatures on them to top NASA people.  As you will hear, this was the beginning of their group. 

During our discussion, we talked about their educational outreach to all school grades as well as universities.  I asked about their treatment/reception by such students, classes, and teachers, plus the outcome they got from their outreach activity.  You might be surprised by what you hear them say about their experiences, including student experiences.  Our guests told us about a boycott list that they were on consisting of some 360 people that should not be peer reviewed or given attention regarding the climate science topic.  After the show, Tom sent me this link to the hit list story:  Other topics including funding issues for research such as their research, i.e. there is no research funding for those on the opposite side of the climate science issue.  Our guests also talked about biased government research, show how it was and often is biased. 

We had several callers including Marshall, Dr. Doug, and Ft. Worth John.  The subjects talked about in these calls covered challenges in long term weather prediction, difficulty in predicting CO2 in the atmosphere, surface temperature stations and biased readings, manipulated data with examples going back to the Climate Gate scandal and the Hadley 3 and 4 global temperature readings.  Sunspots were talked about as were solar cycles, peaks, and the impact of cosmic rays on the atmosphere.  Fossil fuels came several times during the discussion which led to our guests talking about difficulties with all sorts of climate, temperature and related models.  You definitely want to hear the model comments.  Still another important topic was the Vostok Ice Core analysis and what it showed for the relationship of temperature and CO 2 in the atmosphere. 

During the listener phone calls, I interjected some listener emails.  One dealt with claims that Florida would soon be underwater from a rising sea level.  Listen to what our guests said abut tectonic subsiding for Florida and most of the East Coast.  When John called, he talked abut nuclear winter, more on the Vostok Ice Core and our guests talked about their being a much higher percentage of O2 in the atmosphere during the days of the dinosaurs than what we have now.  Listen to what they said would happen to T-Rex were he to be alive today.  As John's call was ending, Hal talked about the potential impact of double the CO2 in the atmosphere.  You might be surprised by what Hal said about this should it ever happen. 

Doug later sent us an email about the ocean Ph and corals. Our guest had much to say about the issue of coral bleaching and acidity levels in the ocean.  Before coming to a close, more was said abut fossil fuels and our atmosphere, plus toxins in the atmosphere that we should be concerned about.  We got an email from a listener wanting to know what our guest would say to members of congress telling us we have about 12 years remaining to fix the problems or we are kaput. Also, what they would say to the young woman who made the UN speech a few weeks ago about having her future stolen because climate change was not being resolved.  Don't miss what our guests said they would say to these people.  Again, you might be surprised by what you hear.

Before we ended the program, we talked space with Tom as we had lost Hal due to phone problems.  Hal talked about the need to return to the Mon, he referenced the Gateway but also being able to bypass it and go directly to the lunar surface.  He said we needed a fleet of cislunar space tugs going back and forth to LEO and the Moon.  Before ending, I asked if climate issues were of concern for our human space program.  I was surprised by his answer so make sure you hear it.  Hint:  His answer included references to our national budget concerns along with the NASA budget.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach both guests through me or their website provided above.

Once again, I welcome a guest offering a different perspective. Help me find a qualified person to be that guest on TSS.




retired Apollo greats now part of the Right Climate Stuff group to discuss climate, space, NASA and more.

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05 Nov 2019 Dr. Hal Doiron, Tom Wysmuller
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