Broadcast 3309 Leonard David followed by Open Lines

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Guest:  Leonard David followed by Open Lines.  Topics:  Leonard's new book "Moon Rush, policy and budget challenges for returning to the Moon, presidential candidates and space policy, Navy-Air Force UFO policy reporting changes and more.

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We welcomed Leonard David back to the show for the first 55 minutes to discuss his new book, Moon Rush:  The New Space Race."   Leonard talked about the book focusing on several chapters and stories within the book, plus we talked about the political, financial, and ideological challenges about returning to the Moon.  Lunar return timelines of 2024 and 2028 were discussed as was the need for specific lunar return hardware which does not yet exist.  I also brought up the problem highlighted on Friday by Marcia Smith regarding the need for lunar spacesuits which are still not designed let alone being built plus the spacesuit challenges for the ISS that are not yet met. 

Later, Leonard was asked about our being in a race with China, the Chinese lunar human plans, and our returning to the Moon to stay, not just for flags and footsteps.  The subject of China brought to our attention the Space Force plans or will it be a Space Corps as part of the USAF?  We talked about budgets for that, then Leonard pointed the recently discussed $2 trillion infrastructure deal. This brought up our deficit and space expenditures in general. 

Michael Listner called to talk with Leonard about returning to the Moon and in talking to Michael, Leonard brought up his old TWA lunar tickets from the classic Disneyland ride when he was a kid.  Before Michael finished the call, I asked him for his plans on paying for everything he talked about and was so excited about.  Don't miss how both Michael and Leonard responded. 

We started the second segment which was our Open Lines discussion.  I put forth suggested topics as I always do on Open Lines.  Rick Kwan was our first caller as he wanted to follow up on my mentioning the presidential campaign for the Democrat Andrew Yang and his focus on technology and space.  Keep in mind, nobody was recommending or disapproving of Mr. Yang, he was only cited as the only candidate to date running on a strong tech platform with some mentions of space and the Moon.  Rick wanted to know if there was a type of clearing house candidates could go to for learning more about space and being factually accurate (I know, since when does a politician care about being factually accurate).   I drew a blank on such a clearing house but mentioned several possibilities.  Both Rick and I spoke to the fact that space was not a priority issue in presidential campaigns, it never seems to be but sometimes it shows up in local and regional campaigns of there are space interests in the local or region.  I asked Rick the same question I asked Michael and Leonard which was why should folks in general care about returning to the Moon or a robust human or any space program?  What was in it for them.  Rick had a few ideas including space solar power but you listen and then tell us your thoughts by posting on the blog.  Before Rick left, I asked him about Space Access as he helped work the conference.

Our next caller, surprise surprise, was John Hunt.  He took my bate when I suggested we should talk about changes in the Navy and AF UFO reporting and why have there been so many mainstream media reports of late about unknown aircraft with unusual and strange performance capabilities being reported on by the military and the press.  Bloomberg has done stories n it, so have CABLE TV news programs plus others.  I wondered what was going on.  Thus, John Hunt called in to respond to my questions and curiosity.  Listen to what John said and if post your thoughts and opinions on why this information is changing and being reported at this time, even by mainstream sources.  Before you dismiss all this and jump at me for taking the show in a UFO direction which is fake news for sure, do some due diligence on the reporting, the stories and see how the Navy and AF have changed their UFO reporting policy.  I think its pretty hard for someone to dismiss all this and say swamp gas or nothing there.  On the other hand, I have no idea what it is all about.  After the show I did follow up on my comments with John and invited multiple people from the To The Stars Academy to discuss all of this on a serious upcoming Space Show.  This group does have a six segment special coming up on The History Channel starting the end of this month so we will see what they tell me about my invitation.  I made it clear this was not a UFO show but that we were interested in the findings, the sightings, the mysterious whatever tech capabilities as documented by sophisticated naval and air force sensing equipment onboard sophisticated fighter jets with very well trained pilots.  I will keep everyone posted on this story and if and when such a program can be organized with the To The Stars Academy folks.  Before ending the discussion with John, the subject of national security concerns and China arose once again.  John also talked about materials being reported on and isotopic materials research.

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Leonard David's new Moon book; Open Lines discussin

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05 May 2019 Leonard David, Dr. David Livingston
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