Broadcast 939 (Special Edition)

05 May 2008 Karina Drees, Robert Jacobson
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Guests: Karina Drees and Robert Jacobson were the guests for this program to discuss the upcoming Fourth Space Investment Summit (SIS), Wednesday, May 28, 2008 in Washington, DC, the day before ISDC 2008. To complete the separate registration for the SIS, visit and click on "Space Investment Summit" in the menu on the left hand side. Karina and Robert discussed the program, the speakers, and the networking opportunities that will take place at this all day meeting. Several listener questions related to the logistics of the meeting, defining a space business, and doing business with the government. Later in the program, our guests addressed the timing for commercial space investments, Generation Y, and the reason for being involved in space commerce and SIS #4. You will want to hear how both Karina and Robert respond to this set of questions. Both were also asked to look into the future to estimate the progress which will be made by 2012 as well as to where they believe the most commercial space potential resides and what they would say to a graduate student hell-bent on being a space entrepreneur. Another listener asked our guests for feedback on how the MIT business school professors reacted with Karina regarding the commercial space activities she undertook while at MIT and the same for Robert in the entrepreneurial environment in Los Angeles. You will want to hear them describe their respective experiences in these two separate environments. I then related my experiences in the uphill battle of promoting space education to foundations that fund general education and asked both of our guests to extrapolate to the business world and tell us if they had similar experiences. The answer was a resounding yes from both of our guests, but you will want to hear all their comments on this show. I also talked about a letter from my U.S. congressional representative and what she had to say about space. I asked our guests for their thoughts on how to reach this type of representative. Toward the end of the program, a listener inquired about intellectual property for space commerce and this sparked an interesting discussion which included the federal SBIR program. Don't miss this discussion. For those of you who may still want to present at this Summit, contact the Summit team at as there may still be possibilities available to you. If you want to send Karina or Robert a comment or a question, Karina may be reached at and Robert can be reached at



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