Broadcast 3994 Dr. Ajay Kothari

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Guest:  Dr. Ajay Kothari;  Topics:  Ajay's perspective on why space is so impossible, having a necessary creative vision, the third dimension policy approach, Ukraine, Congress and the government, global value, Fermi Paradox, Drake Equation and more.

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We welcomed Dr. Ajay Kothari back to this program to discuss with us why our being in space, developing space and living in space is so essential to the well being of humanity on Earth.  During our 90 minute wide ranging and broad view exchange with our guest, we talked about life on Earth and elsewhere along with the role of government, especially congress in expanding our vision and role in space.  Ajay went into detail during the early part of the program with both the Drake Equation and the Fermi paradox.  In addition, Ajay talked about the needed third dimension space vision which did not require our actually going into space.  Listen carefully to our discussion with our guest and this part of the interview consumed a disproportionate amount of time with Ajay's explanations and then listeners calling in with their ideas or emailing them to us. 

As with previous Space Show archives, this program is perfect for relying on the key words/tags for a short be accurate and effective program description.  However, Ajay is the type of speaker than put multiple topics right on top of one another with some detail, all in the same sentence and deliver it to the audience with great effectiveness.  Our guest did just that all the way through our program, topic and explanation, a question or two and then more on topic with more explanations.  If you at all are interested in this topic, please, listen to this program and take a look at the tags/key words.

I especially liked the question asking Ajay what he meant with his constant referring to the third dimension and not having to actually travel to or be in space. Listen to how he explained his comments and what he meant by his constant reference to the third dimension which I believe was a zone of awareness and consciousness focusing on space. He talked about how to create that with culture, art and more, not just engineering and science. 

For those of you not so familiar with the Drake Equation, Ajay broke it down and defined the terms. He did something similar later on he talked about the Fermi Paradox and its relationship to his premise about space being so important to the future of humanity.

I believe there is much in this discussion for you to comment on using our blog. Please do post your thoughts and added questions on the blog.  I will make sure Ajay sees them but others having heard this discussion may also want to join in with their own commentary and views.

Please post your comments/questions for this program on our blog for this Dr. Kothari program.  You can reach Ajay through me or his company, Astrox.   

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Ajay explains why space is so important and valuable to us all plus more

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05 Mar 2023 Dr. Ajay Kothari
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference