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We welcomed Kim Holder back to the program to discuss her virtual reality project, Moonwards (see  In addition to introducing us to Moonwards, most of the first segment involved Kim describing the project and explaining how it fits in with her space and humanity visions which she discussed in detail.  Some of the issues that came up include the need for space infrastructure development, cislunar space development for routine and affordable space access, and the extensive use of tethers to solve many problems.  As you will hear, Kim strongly believes in the use of tethers and explained many such uses for different tethers during today's discussion.  Let us know your thoughts about tethers as Kim explained them by posting your comments on our blog. 

Kim talked about the goal of our being one species and one planet, a sort of Kumbaya type moment as she said.  She had much to say about this for humanity's future and how space and in particular the Moon could support such goals.  She said she was working Moonwards toward that eventuality.  Let us know what you think about this direction and goal by posting on your thoughts on our blog.  Before the segment ended, John asked a question about Kim and her learning physics as demonstrated by the Airship To Orbit (ATO) question she asked on the April 9th Open Lines blog.  ATO and physics were discussed as was the latest email posted to the ATO blog discussion summarizing that short of unobtanium on several levels, ATO was not possible.  If interested, please check out the post on the blog for the April 9th OL show in question. 

In the second segment, Kim started out answering some of the pre-show questions posted to the blog including one about the steep walls of the Lalande Lunar Crater and how Kim planned on handling the steepness to develop a colony inside the crater.  Don't miss her answer.  Next, we turned to Moonwards timelines.  Kim talked about selling the general public and put forth a strategy for doing that using an example of a tax payer funded $300 million program.  Again, tell us what you think about the strategy and idea by posting on the blog.  Would you vote to spend $300 million of taxpayer money to go and develop the Moon based on the example given us during today's program.  We want to know what you think so do let us know.

Listener Brenda asked about Mars. She wanted to know why not spend the $300 million for Mars as it too would benefit humanity.  Listen to how Kim responded to this question.  What do you think?   Kim again spoke about transportation and tethers.  She also mentioned nuclear propulsion with her take on all of this.  Don't miss what she said.

Kim called for volunteers and collaborators and gave out her email address so you can contact her.  She also identified the areas she was focusing on for help at this time.  BJohn got in a question about unstable lunar orbits , then we went back to timelines and virtual world development and physics.  Kim offered us extended closing comments plus a few late emails came in that supported her in what she was talking about as we brought the show to completion.  Make sure you hear what Kim had to said in the waning moments of our discussion.  Finally, Kim talked about not only reaching the general public with her ideas but also the core of the space community.  We also talked about her attending the upcoming Icarus Starship Congress in early August and the panel she will be heading up. 

Please post your comments/questions for Kim Holder on our blog page for this show.  You can reach Kim via the email address she gave out on air, her website, or through me.  If you are going to the Starship Congress event, please let us know.




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05 Jun 2017 Kim Holder
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