Broadcast 1168 (Special Edition)

05 Jun 2009 Robert Talmage
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Guest: Robert Talmage. Topics: flight safety, air and spacecraft escape system, demonstrator flights, ISDC 2009. Robert Talmage was our return guest on this Space Show program to discuss his air and spacecraft escape system with updates based on his talk at ISDC 2009. You can find Robert's ISDC 2009 Power Point presentation on his website, Look for the bottom item on the left hand menu bar, ISDC 2009. Robert began the discussion with an introduction of his air and spacecraft escape system. He then proceeded to discuss this concept in detail along with the estimate $ 4 million cost and a probable one year timeline to testing once the funding has been secured. He fielded many questions including several pertaining to the escape system once used in the F-111 and then cancelled. Robert explained the differences in what he was proposing and what the F-111 used. He also talked about limitations with ejection seats and limitations to his system if the flight crew were not all placed together inside the plug-in module that would be jettisoned in case of a problem. We talked about his testing program, an ocean landing for the tests, reusability, and his plan to eventually put rocket engines on a Lear Jet. He was then asked why he thought he could convert a Lear to a rocketplane when other commercial companies had not been able to do so. You will want to hear his reply so don't miss it. He also explained his aircraft tow system and why he felt that towing the test aircraft was the best way to move forward with his project. During the discussion, Robert was asked several questions about weight and mass penalties for the plug-in escape module as well as certification costs and more. You will want to listen to what he had to say about these important considerations. An advertising agency listener commented on the difficulty in selling an escape system to a NewSpace company given the added costs as well as planting the idea of even needing an escape system in the mind of the customer as this might suggest to the customer that the vehicle was not safe. This listener suggested proving out the concept and getting it accepted first throughout the military. You do not want to miss Robert's response to this comment. Robert also talked about several of the ISDC 2009 talks that he heard and the outstanding networking opportunities at ISDC 2009. If you have questions or comments for Robert Talmage, you can send them to him through is website or at



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