Broadcast 346 (Special Edition)

05 Jun 2005 Dr. Brad Edwards
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Dr. Brad Edwards returned to The Space Show to discuss new developments and the progress with the space elevator. Dr. Edwards brought us up to date on the improvements being made with the carbon fibers for the ribbon, he answered technical questions as to how the elevator would work and for what markets and projects it was best suited for once it becomes reality. We talked about the cost, its financing, and the time table to develop and get an operational space elevator. Dr. Edwards mentioned the climber competition which is going to be held in Mtn. View, CA from Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2005. Check for more information. The public is invited! In response to a listener question, Dr. Edwards discussed the space elevator in the context of our present day use of chemical rockets, their costs, and their capabilities. This program is chocked full of the latest information about the space elevator so you will not want to miss it. Dr. Edwards also suggests that listeners visit and for more information. Listeners interested in contacting Dr. Edwards can do so through the link at or though me at



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