Broadcast 1186 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

05 Jul 2009 Andrew Chaikin
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Guest: Andrew Chaikin. Topics: 40th anniversary of Apollo, return to the Moon, lunar astronaut comments and interviews. Andy Chaikin returned to The Space Show to discuss his two new books and the 40th anniversary of Apollo. His books that we discussed on the show were "Mission Control, This is Apollo" which is a children's book but the pictures and drawings are unbelievable. Much of the book's artwork consists of paintings by lunar astronaut and artist Alan Bean and they are incredible. When you see these paintings in the book, you will know that this is a must have book. We also discussed in detail "Voices From The Moon: Apollo Astronauts Describe Their Lunar Experiences." More on this book later in this write-up. Both books will be placed on the One Giant Leap Foundation website book page at When you get to this page, look for the books by Andy Chaikin. When you purchase books through the links provided, Amazon financially supports The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation. In addition to discussing these books, we talked about the mood of the country during Apollo and what space development has meant to us all and we asked over and over again how we can recreate or create something similar today. We discussed energy, space for resources, Kraft Ehricke's vision as opposed to the idea of limitations as depicted by the Club of Rome perspective. We talked about returning the Moon and how best to do it versus going to a NEO or on to Mars. Here what Andy had to say about this but to the point, he read some of the quotes from the lunar astronauts in his book, Voices From The Moon, about how hard it would be to go to Mars at this time, quoting Dave Scott who said "Mars was a tough job." A listener asked about his favorite quotes and you will want to hear what Andy says he liked the most. Near the end of the show he was also asked about spouses and children and while this information is not part of his book, he did talk to many of the lunar astronaut wives and shares some thoughts with us regarding a few of them. At one point during our interview, Andy told us about a teacher who teaches kids in his classroom that we never went to the Moon! This provoked several listener comments as well as my comments and we will follow up on this with Andy as he plans to go to the school to talk to school officials about this type of teaching. During the show, you will hear stories about Alan Bean and his art, Michael Collins, Frank Borman and more. Andy reads many of the astronaut comments directly from this book. "Voices" is a historical treasure from the few who orbited and walked on the Moon. This is a must for your library and for your children. You can learn more about these books and others that Andy has written, his public speaking and visits to school by visiting his website, If you have questions or comments for Andy, please send them to or use the contact form on his website at When contacting him, please put The Space Show in the subject line.



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