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We welcomed ULA CEO Tory Bruno to the program for a wide ranging discussion about ULA, Atlas and Delta rockets, ULA programs and visions, the launch industry, rocket reuse and much much more.  Tonight's program consisted of one 64 minute segment.  The listener demand to hear Mr. Bruno overwhelmed our two streaming services despite my having added extra bandwidth to the broadcast.  As host I switched around using my questions, listener emails, and listener phone calls.  I want to thank everyone for being succinct and to the point with your comments and questions for Mr. Bruno.  My first question to our guest dealt with his experience in the space industry from his start with Lockheed Martin in 1984 through to today as CEO of ULA, asking him about the changes that have taken place in the industry, what he thinks of the way the industry has been evolving, and was this expected or was it a surprise change in direction that few if any anticipated.  You do not want to miss Mr. Bruno's response to this question.  I also asked him how ULA plans on competing in an environment of disruptive technologies in a rapidly changing industry.  The last of my initial questions focused on the ULA Cislunar 1000 vision as I asked him about the economic, regulatory, and market structure for 1,000 people living and working in space in 30 years.  I wanted to know what ULA thought that environment would look like in the future.  Next, I started reading listener emails and taking listener phone calls. Listeners covered a variety of topics ranging from the Delta II rocket, the Delta IV coming retirement, Blue Origin and the BE-4 engine, the reserve Aerojet engine, RD-180's, cryogenic fuels and transfer, the Vulcan rocket, human rating the Atlas V and lots more.  We also talked with Mr. Bruno about the transformation of ULA which continues today as it moves from serving the nation and its security as its primary duty to competing in the new commercial world.  Mr. Bruno had much to say on this subject.  Listener and my questions also addressed the ULA role in the commercial crew program & scheduled astronaut launches on the Atlas V as soon as late 2017.  Mr. Bruno talked extensively about additive manufacturing (3D printing) and how that was revolutionizing the industry and ULA now and into the future.  Cryogenic fuels and related issues were a hot topic for our discussion as was the stated objective of ULA to be the transportation guys for Cislunar space.  Later in the segment, I asked our guest if there were reasonable ways to speed up bringing new technology, designs and products to market or were we forced to endure long waiting periods for new rockets and engines to become operational.  Don't miss his response to this question.  RD-180 engine issues prove to be another hot topic issue as was the ULA reuse plan via their recovery of the engines as opposed to the SpaceX full first stage plan and the plan Arianespace has announced.  He said the market would ultimately pick the winning technologies.  Mr. Bruno took us through the ULA analysis and running of the numbers so don't miss what was said about rocket reuse and the economics behind it.  Near the end of the show, I asked our guest about the increasing age of rocket and space industry employees, including those at NASA given this issue came up on a recent program.  Mr. Bruno did say that the work force was aging, he gave an explanation as to why, and he spoke about the ULA mentoring program to continuing building on the shoulders of those that are senior so the torch can be passed to the next and younger generations. Its an interesting discussion you will want to hear.  The final listener email question focused on the Vulcan, the Starliner, and comparisons with the Atlas.  I asked our guest for his closing thoughts so make sure you hear them.  Mr. Bruno was not just an inspiring guest throughout our discussion but also in his concluding comments.

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05 Jan 2016 Tory Bruno
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