Broadcast 440 (Special Edition)

05 Jan 2006 Richard C. Hoagland
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Richard C. Hoagland returned to The Space Show for this 2 hour 15 minute very important look at the history of the alt. space industry and how to make space development relevant for the general population. Before starting the interview with Richard, a special surprise guest appearance by Dr. Robin Falcov treats Space Show listeners to health news, prescription information, and other updates from the last time Dr. Falcov was on the show. Don't miss this surprise appearance by Robin! Returning to the program with Richard, we covered history subjects, making space pay commercially and why that it is so important. The key question asked over and over again by Richard C. was why we are not further along in space development and access given the amount of time involved in space exploration versus the same amount of time in aviation. Mr. Hoagland suggests that will not flourish until it can answer this fundamental question and develop a strategy for dealing with the answer. While there were many listener questions, the discussion with Richard C. was so interesting that for this show I primarily focused on the guest. However, questions were asked Richard C. about his pending movie, his research and next publication date for the next segment of his Iapetus work, and more. For those of you following his work, you will be encouraged by his answers. We also talked about robotic commercial space missions, investment standards and issues surrounding space investment, Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and Elon Musk, and the modern day industry. Listeners wanted to know why LunaCorp and Transorbital have not yet made it to the Moon or fulfilled their business plans and both Richard and I took a stab at giving an answer to these questions. We also talked about investment needs for and how to make the industry very attractive for important investors. I strongly recommend that Space Show listeners pay close attention to what Mr. Hoagland says to us all. While you may disagree with things said on the program, its clear that to move forward and make space the place the public would like and that would benefit humanity, much work needs to be done. Richard C. Hoagland has much to say on the subject and we will be hearing from him again in the coming year. If you want to email or contact Mr. Hoagland, you can do so through me at Visit his website at



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