Broadcast 3980 Mark Whittington, Sunday 2-5-23

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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Mark Whittington;  Topics:  Multiple space news stories plus new information on Starship, Artemis and proposed nuclear propulsion projects.  Note that not all projects and items discussed were included in the tags so do listen to the show to hear all of what was discussed with Mark.

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We welcomed Mark Whittington back to the show for a detailed space news and venture discussion focusing on nuclear propulsion, Artemis, Starship and settlement and policy.  For a good short review of what we discussed, please refer to the Tags which not only summarized topics but did so in the order brought up on the show.  I've repeated the Tags here for your convenience:

"Tags: Mark Whittington, nuclear propulsion with NASA and DARPA, RTGs, Cassini to Saturn, protest movement, fissionable material, danger of uncontrolled reentry, nuclear powered rocket, nuclear , SLS needed for space settlement, SLS, Starship might replace SLS, Artemis as a splendid success, NTP for the Space Force, NTR for space debris removal, mini nuclear power units, modular nuclear power plants to change out for repairs, fusion, fusion breakthrough at Lawrence Livermore Lab, Ukraine war and Russia in space, ISS, space settlement, Artemis compared to Apollo, Chinese potential to claim the Moon, Chinese space and lunar capabilities, Chinese military and space, Artemis urgency, nuclear accident in Los Angeles 1957, nuclear transparency, Ryan Gosse on bimodal Nuclear Thermal and Nuclear Electric Propulsion."

Highlights of the discussion for me focused on the hope for nuclear propulsion for spaceflight and space settlement. Mark had much to say on the topic, especially since NASA and DARPA were working together on a project.  The Space Show is interested in nuclear propulsion and has been a long time supporter of it for space flight and settlement.  Mark, Fremont John, and Tim all had something to say about nuclear propulsion and even fusion developments on this program.  I was also drawn to Mark's commentary and analysis regarding SLS and Starship plus a possible future with both.  Marshall called in to promote some more on his mini nuclear reactor project concept. Marshall continued talking about this on additional programs including his program on Friday, Feb. 10 when he was the guest.

Mark was asked about Ukraine, Russia and their continued role in space, especially the ISS.  Don't miss what Mark said about Russia and space. A few minutes later, Mark got the chance to talk about China potentially claiming the Moon and their policy towards space/Moon. Don't miss what Mark had to say about China.

Please post your comments/questions for Mark on this blog for this show.  You can reach him through his blog which we detailed at the end of the show or through me here at The Space Show.




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05 Feb 2023 Mark Whittington
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference