Broadcast 284 (Special Edition)

05 Dec 2004 Frank White
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Frank White, author of "The Overview Effect" and the new book, "Decision: Earth," was the guest for this program. Frank began the interview by letting us know that an update to "The Overview Effect" is in the works. We discussed the perspectives he is using in the updated version and I suggested he talk to people who represent the overview effect as well. We also talked about his new novel, "Decision: Earth, which is a book about extraterrestrial life and lots more. We talked about SETI, the space community and extraterrestrial life and related subjects, and some of the issues facing the space community in discussing these topics. We also talked about some advanced propulsion systems, space settlements, and new space policy and vision as proposed by President Bush last January. As this program was a continuation of the ongoing Space Show theme regarding our spiritual connection to outer-space, we discussed in detail the benefits of becoming space-faring and expanding space commerce for humanity. Frank really understands the positive power and energy that space offers us all. You will not want to miss this discussion with Frank White.



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