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We welcomed back to the program Dr. John Brandenburg to discuss his new book "The GEM Unification Theory: Extending the Standard Model to Include Gravitation."  In addition, we discussed advanced physics, unified field theories, advanced propulsion, gravity, electro-magnetism & much more.  Please visit Dr. Brandenburg's website for more information,  Also, if you buy his book through Amazon, be sure to use The Space Show/OGLF portal or Smile site for Amazon to donate a portion of the purchase price to The Space Show.  Check for the Amazon link near the center of our home page.

During the first segment of our 2 hour 3 minute program without a break, Dr. Brandenburg began by going over his GEM Theory (gravity-electro magnetism) "which attempts to unify the two long-range forces of nature, gravity and electro-magnetism."  At times the discussion was very much rooted in physics but he did do a good job of explaining things and then connecting the dots as to why it was important, what it means, and how it can be used, even commercialized.  During this GEM overview part of the show, Dr. Brandenburg delivered on the history of related physics, the players and their contributions plus famous events such as the Einstein-Bohr debate.  For those of you buying Dr. Brandenburg's book, though it is heavy on equations and technical material, he will soon have a chapter by chapter study guide uploaded to his website to facilitate understanding the equations for those not up on physics and calculus.  In addition, during this early part of our discussion, Dr. Brandenburg took the time to explain the strong and weak forces, the role of gravity, electro-magnetism and why they go together per his GEM theory.  Please pay attention to this discussion, even if like me, you don't have a solid physics background.  It is an especially relevant discussion later in the program when our guest was asked if GEM could explain EmDrive.  Hold onto your horses for that Brandenburg discussion!

Listeners asked several questions.  For example, Tim wanted an update on the hybrid fission-fusion reactor.  Dr. Brandenburg had much to say on this and it may become the subject of an upcoming stand alone Space Show program with John.  Later as the program progressed, Tim asked about neutron decay in atomic nuclei. Once we were well along in our EmDrive discussion, Tim asked if EmDrive would work better were it to do a close fly-by of the Sun.  He also wanted to know If an EmDrive-powered spacecraft dipped within Mercury's orbit, what would be its max velocity.  Don't miss what Dr. Brandenburg had to say in response to Tim's questions.

Throughout the program, additional listeners had email questions for Dr. Brandenburg.  Though we have already mentioned EmDrive in this summary, the EmDrive discussion was really kicked of by A. Feit who posted a blog questions asking if the GEM Theory explained the working of EmDrive.  This opened the flood gates for John to talk about advanced propulsion, Mach thrusters, EmDrive, his collaboration with Eagleworks Labs at the NASA JSC, and even the potential of the proposed Alcubierre warp drive, a product of Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre. In this discussion, our guest had much to say about space, folding or warping space and many related topics.  We further talked about the limitation of EmDrive due to being further and further away from a significant gravity source (reaction force), the need for chemical rockets for getting out of Earth's gravity field, nuclear propulsion and what EmDrive would do to those efforts, new improvements in space solar panels for powering spacecraft, and much more.  As you will hear, Dr. Brandenburg used this EmDrive discussion to explain in detail the reaction force as a result of his GEM Theory. 

This was a comprehensive discussion of these and additional topics over 123 minutes.  Please post any comments/questions you have in the comments section for this archived program on The Space Show website.  You can reach Dr. Brandenburg through his website per above or through me at  




THE GEM Unification Theory & gravitation finally answers

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05 Aug 2016 Dr. John Brandenburg
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