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Guest:  Dennis Wingo;  Topics: The Dennis Wingo blog article from March 11, 2020 "Finding Our Purpose In Space."  Lunar exploration details, benefits for investment dollars.

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We welcomed back to the program Dennis Wingo for a two segment 95 minute discussion pertaining to his March 11, 2020 blog article, "Finding Our Purpose In Space."  You can find the article at As before, I used the break between the first and second segment to read our sponsor messages.

We started the discussion with Dennis introducing us to his article and his focus on SP1.  In fact, he read SP1 on the program.  By the way, you can follow along with a good part of our discussion by paying attention to his blog article as he does reference tables and charts during the show.  Dennis went on to spend most of the first segment talking about going to the Moon, the history behind the latest effort and the need to do in a relevant and valuable way.  Make sure you pay attention to this discussion as it provided the  understanding behind the need "to find our purpose in space."  In putting forth his case, he talked about mission plans for going to the Moon, technical aspects like total number of mission days, time spent on the lunar surface, issues centered around lunar landers and of course the Gateway Halo orbit.  The budget was talked about along with a questioning of the current lunar return goals and the value of those goals to the public and the taxpayer paying for the mission.  Dennis had much to say about mission value and relevance.  Don't miss his commentary and analysis.  Let us know what you think by posting your thoughts on these matters on our blog. 

Lots was said about government and private sector interests.  Also, Public Private Partnerships.  Our guest talked about the focus and contribution of Elon Musk and others including Jeff Bezos. .  Robert from Houston was the first caller.  Robert talked about some of the engineering going on per earlier comments made by Denis.  In addition, Robert and Dennis discussed the level of engineering needed to start a Martian settlement.  I then reminded everyone of our August 21, 2015 program with Dr. Lewis Dartnell or what it would take to restart civilization after the most destructive type of event. We extrapolated his work on the subject to talk about starting up a Martian civilization.  If you want to hear the 2015 interview, you can find it here:   Before we moved to the next call, the discussion addressed Low Lunar Orbits (LLO), frozen LLO's, the Halo orbit for the Gateway, Orion and more.

Marshall called to talk about SSP at L1 as he was inquiring about the use of solar power.  Dennis was not that favorable toward solar power at L1 or L2 and addressed needs for nuclear power.  He even described some of the nuclear promise holding projects and technology.  Michael Listner called next to express his thoughts that the NASA lunar mission plans were not very good.  Don't miss what Michael said and discussed with Dennis.  They also spoke to international space law and making sure there would be free access to space.  It is worth noting that during this first segment, Dennis strongly suggested that the scientiific community was controlling the program but there needed to be more than just science for good space exploration and development.  Please post your comments on the blog with your thoughts on space for science.

We started the second segment with a call from Doug.  Doug was asking Dennis about LLO above 39 degrees.  Dennis talked extensively about the frozen LLO's which he discussed and linked to in his blog article for your reference.  Dennis talked about the stability of this orbit and cited NRO orbit as an example.  Doug talked some more about the Gateway, Starship, and possible lunar uses and plans for Starship.

Freemont John was our last caller.  John specifically asked Dennis about Artemis and the service module.  Dennis had much to say on these topics.  John inquired if Dennis thought Covid-19 would delay projects.  SLS was used as an obvious example.  As we were now at the end of our program, I asked Dennis for a program summary and what we should keep our eyes on going forward with space exploration this year and into the future.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach Dennis Wingo through me or through his blog per the line in the earlier part of this program summary.




Dennis discusses "Finding Our Purpose In Space"

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05 Apr 2020 Dennis Wingo
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