Broadcast 1419 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

04 Sep 2010 Taylor Dinerman
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Guest: Taylor Dinerman. Topics: Military space reorganization and policy, NASA and U.S. space policy. We welcomed back Taylor Dinerman to update us on important changes happening with the reorganization of military space within the Air Force, along with updates pertinent to the ongoing space policy debate. Please remember that you can comment on this program and rate it by visiting the newest Space Show Out of the Box blog at During our first segment, Taylor talked to us about the present structure of military space and its brief history to let us know how we got to where we are today. He then outlined many of the changes that are taking place and have already taken place, especially with regards to AF acquisition. In making his points, Taylor mentioned many of the military and intelligence programs and how they might be impacted by the reorganization changes. We also talked about the motivation behind the changes, expected outcomes, and more. As we started our second segment, we continued discussing the organizational changes and the impact upon space systems, potentially including GPS, military communication satellites, NOAH, NASA, and other programs. We talked about the role of budget tightening in this process and how these changes originated. We also talked about a fifth military service, U.S. Space Command. Later in the segment, we switched to discussing space policy. Here, Taylor focused on the compromise bill coming from the House of Representatives and the impact this might have on the possible reelection of the Arizona Democrat who is the Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics , Gabrielle Giffords. Taylor also talked about FY 11 outcomes and what might actually carry over to FY 12. The COTS program was discussed and we talked about Dragon by Space X and Orion. Later in this discussion, when asked about the future of the human spaceflight program, Taylor talked about the possibility of not being able to use the term astronaut given we might not have an American launcher for sending astronauts to space. When asked if using these terms was that important, he said it was. Listen and see what you think. We discussed heavy lift and the return to the Moon. At the end of the program, Taylor received another listener question, this one asking him if we cooperate with other nations regarding military space. Don't miss what Taylor said about this cooperation. If you have questions or comments for Taylor Dinerman, please send them in care of me at Don't forget to post your comments and more on the above listed Space Show blog.



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