Broadcast 381 (Special Edition)

04 Sep 2005 John Barber
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John Barber returned to The Space Show for this program to update us on MagLev systems and to share with listeners his concept for a MagLev sled that might be a commercially developed project. Almost from the start of this program, questions came in from listeners concerning MagLev, including a circular system designed to accelerate 70,000 pound projectiles to space. Mr. Barber fielded all of the questions about this subject, including those by Richard who has proposed such a MagLev system at the recent Mars Society Conference. Mr. Barber was asked why the space elevator project commands more interest, funding, research, and attention than maglev proposals. Listeners wanted to know what could be done to facilitate maglev concepts and theories to the level entertained by space elevator proponents. The discussion continued as a wide ranging discussion searching for plausible options to chemical rockets and low cost space access. Listeners will want to visit Mr. Barber's website at He can be reached by e-mail at and as always through me at



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