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Guest:  Robert (Sam) Wilson; Topics:  We discussed "The Value of Space" report produced by Sam Wilson and his co-authors. You can download it @

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We welcomed Robert Sam Wilson to our program to discuss the report "The Value of Space" as described above. Be sure to use the above link to download and read/review this excellent report.  Dour our one segment nearly 90 minute program, we not only talked about the major areas of value in the report but many additional areas and concerns as sent us by listeners with emails and their phone calls.  First, we started out by having Sam explain what was meant by the value of space.  We learned that this report was not an effort to compute a dollar value for space.  Instead, they were attempting to computer the value in terms of utility and usefulness of space but primarily on a business2business basis or for the industry, not so much for we consumers.  Sam got several questions about this which will help explain the value of space purpose and focus.  Such questions also led to further questions about the space awareness of the consumers, often using GPS as an example but other disciplines too.  In fact one listener inquired about satellite services in helping to prevent and manage forests and wildfires in light of what was going on in California and other western states.  This person commented that hardly ever was there a news report about anything with the fires dealing with space assets other than sometimes mentioning seeing the fires from the ISS.  Listen for these comments as you will find them most interesting.

We spent considerable time discussing GPS resource usage, especially in association with other disciplines.  For example, we talked agriculture, commercial fishing, ocean studies, weather and lots more. GPS was a discipline where there were listener inquiries about the consumer awareness of GPS services from space.  You will find these discussions most interesting.  Marshall even called with a related topic to talk about advanced computer chips using the new Apple processor as an example.  Don't miss this thread.  How about some blog posts around these topics?

The power grid was a big component of our discussion.  A listener even asked about an EMP and backup or alternative systems, topics our guest had much to say about.  Our listener asked if the report provided alternative solutions to our growing dependence on space.  Remote sensing was another front and center topic with significant value positively impacting lots of industries and applications.  Freemont Johncalledwith multiple topics on his mind but he introduced us to the topic of drones adding to space value.  Don't miss what Sam said about this subject. 

As we were nearing the end, Dr. Doug called. He wanted to know if Sam had considered future demand.  He explained what he meant so be sure to listen to what Dr. Doug had to say, then how Sam dealt with the questions.  This was new so Doug's commentary and his thinking was quite innovative.  We also talked cislunar and Starlink, plus finding a way to account for probable and likely future market growth. 

A late topic included B2B with a focus on finance, banking, and timing.  This short discussion prompted Sharon to ask about the consequences of losing our space assets. She wanted to know if we would quickly revert back to an early 1950's type of economy and environment.  The answer was probably not but listen for the why of that answer.  Hint:  it has to do with backup systems and possible alternative solutions to space technology.  This conversation prompted a call from Ft. Worth John wanting to know more about backup systems and alternative solutions.  He wanted to know what protections might be in place if space resources go down.  Sam indicated this subject might be covered in a yet to be completed 2021 report.

Listener Lonnie from Chicago asked if the Space Force was reflective of an increasing value for space in our daily lives.  The answer was a qualified yes but Sam did say that so far much of what the Space Force has and is doing was already being done by the USAF and other services.  Before ending, we talked about reusable rockets in the mix, innovation, competition commodity pricing and more.  Don't miss Sam's concluding and summary remarks.

Please post your comments/questions on the blog for this show.  You can reach our guest through me or through his report per the above URL.




"The Value Of Space: With The Aerospace Center For Space Policy And Strategy

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04 Oct 2020 Robert (Sam) Wilson
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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