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The Space Foundation Conference

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We welcomed Dr. Patrick Collins back to the show for a two segment 96 minute discussion on multiple topics related to commercial space industrial development, investment, time lines, Mars and the Moon, and economic wealth building for nations.  For most of our discussion, it was a general give and take with Dr. Collins.  Patrick started us off by remembering special space events that take place in early October including the anniversary of Sputnik, the anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty, the first manned spaceflight, and more.  Dr. Collins spent considerable time on the significance of these different events, including presenting a special focus on the Soviet, now Russian Soyuz rocket.  As our discussion progressed, other topics came up.

Sherry asked about space awareness and interest in Japan.  Patrick had much to say about space and the Japanese culture so don't miss this discussion.  As for awareness, he said they were likely not so aware of the important events he mentioned earlier in the show with the early October date.  The next note came from Ellen who was interested in learning about Japan and space settlement.  Again, Patrick had much to say, even talking about the Japanese sci fi story Gundam which he talked about at length.  This led to a brief discussion of our how space settlement law might emerge and eventually challenge Earth law, instead having the space residents develop their own Astrolaw.

In the second segment, while reading the PR spots for our sponsors, I mentioned that for Celestis, Japan was a good market due to the use of cremation in Japan as compared to many other countries.  Patrick took time out to describe a typical Japanese funeral with cremation and then he talked about possible future business opportunities with lunar space burials.  Let us know what you think about this by posting on the blog.

Patrick talked about this being the start of World Space Week.  This led Patrick to talking about the great transportation systems of humanity and their important tools.  He cited three: The wheel for land, the propeller for both water and the atmosphere, and rockets for beyond the atmosphere.  Our guest then talked about the A4 which was the military name for the German V2.  He had much to say about this, the people that developed it, their goal to go to space, and the possibility that the time line for going to space and having space tourism and space economic development might have been delayed by the way WW2 ended as that caused an emphasis on rockets as ICBMs and weapons.  Listen to what our guest said and let us know what you think about this by posting on the blog.  He also cited a not so well known speech by the German office, General Dornberger, regarding spaceflight.  Later in the segment, he talked about suborbital space, the delays encountered by the companies working to do suborbital spaceflight, then he shifted to orbital and talked about several of the companies working to provide orbital spaceflight. 

Our guest concluded our discuss by mentioning that earlier transportation technologies were proven to be gigantic economic employers and wealth builders.  He said the same potential was the for space transportation.  Don't miss all of his concluding remarks.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog.  You can reach Dr. Collins through me.




Patrick is back with us on key space happenings in history, space events & news, Space in Japan

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04 Oct 2017 Dr. Patrick Collins
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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  • The Space Foundation Conference