Broadcast 267 (Special Edition)

04 Oct 2004 Kevin Greene
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Kevin Greene, a well known and highly respected space activist, investor, and proponent of space settlement and economic development was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Kevin was present at the final X-Prize flight for SpaceShipOne and described in detail what he saw and experienced. We also talked about effective space and political advocacy. Among the topics that came up was for Kevin to identify the four or five most common errors made by those interested or involved in space advocacy and how best to avoid them. Among the many topics and issues addressed by Kevin in this program, he spoke about the advocacy training provided by ProSpace and how important it is to be a citizen volunteer talking to elected officials. Given the importance of advocacy this year with the new space policy vision on the table, the success of SpaceShipOne and the elections, advocacy is going to be very important. Kevin Greene's insights and approach to effectively promoting space advocacy are important for us all to consider.



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