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Guest:  Andrew Chanin;  Topics: Space investments in our challenging economic times with inflation, rising interest rates and more.  Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), investment diversification, risks, regulations and space sectors.  In addition, other topics were mentioned.

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We welcomed back to the show Andrew Chanin to discuss both the UFO ETF as we have discussed before, but also investing in space given our challenging economy with rising interest rates, inflation, government regulation along with the need for strong and large capital inflows to enable the emerging commercial space and entrepreneurial market.  Andrew had much to say about all aspects of the above very long sentence so this was an information packed discussion you certainly will want to hear.  As you listen to Andrew on the various topics, we would like to hear from you so do post your thoughts on our blog for this show.  You can find out more about the UFO ETF at and

We started the discussion with a brief overview of commercial space investing and the UFO EFT.  Andrew reminded us of the benefits of an EFT, how it is global, plus the diversity it brings to investing in space which can be very risky if you invest company by company.  He mentioned many influencers for space investments including but not limited to the war in the Ukraine, hypersonic weapons development, the expanding launch industry, the importance of comsats for both the commercial side of the industry and national security space.  This led us to talking about why Andrew said space was now essential and would be bipartisan, including post the current election now underway in the U.S. 

Several listener emails suggested that our economic problems might doom space investment. Andrew did not think so, again citing the fact that space was now essential.  At this point, Todd sent in a note suggesting space investing might have some immunity to the current economic challenges because the investors were more sophisticated, knew how to evaluate risk and realized as did Andrew that space was essential and not going away.  Don't miss what Andrew said in response to Todd's comment on commercial space investing.

Listener Barbara, via her email, drove home the problems of inflation, rising interest rates, regulations and more, pressing Andrew to comment on how these factors might alter the inflow of large cash investments that have been flowing through entrepreneurial and established companies in terms of seed money, projects and such.  Don't miss how Andrew chose to respond to Barbara's email. 

Fremont John was one of our callers.  He asked Andrew about a current WSJ journal article suggesting that for tech investment, short term was in favor, long term was out of favor.  Since space was long term and his UFO holding Virgin Galactic certainly was long term, he asked Andrew what he thought of the WSJ perspective.  Andrew had much to say about this but in addition, he had much say about Virgin.  The Virgin commentary led Andrew to discussing the UFO rules for being admitted or removed from the fund.  He said Virgin still met the rules but that if it fell outside the rules, it would away from the fun and they would liquidate their position in the company.  Don't miss the rest of his VG commentary.  He even cited an example company, MDA that you will want to hear about.

Near the end of our program, listener Sally asked if the UFO ETF, since it was long term, was suitable to put in an IRA for her children.  Andrew made it clear he was not giving investment advise but he did have interesting things to say about UFO, an IRA investment and related topics.  Be sure to hear all of this part of the discussion.  Other topics before ending including taxes and the possibility of a windfall profits taxes on some aspects of the business.  Andrew also mentioned the risks due to the ongoing space debris problem.  The final question was from Randy who asked him if someday an off-Earth corporation was incorporated with a space location domain and address, could it be included in UFO.  You might be surprised by the answer to this question so listen and find out.  Do comment on what Andrew said and your thoughts about off-Earth business incorporation someday.

Please post your comments/questions for Andrew on our blog for this show. You can reach him through me here at The Space Show or the UFO websites provided earlier in this summary.




Commercial space investing in today's market, the UFO EFT and more.

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04 Nov 2022 Andrew Chanin
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference