Broadcast 938 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Jeff Feige, CEO of Orbital Outfitters (, was the guest for this Space Show program. During the first segment, Jeff provided a NewSpace industry overview for us. We talked about venture capital investors, angel investment groups, and the length of time to likely get one's money back from a NewSpace investment. Jeff talked about past investment symposiums and how they are producing a better mix of companies and financiers. The next investment summit coming up is the upcoming ISDC conference later this month in Washington, DC. During the second segment of the show, Jeff updated us on Orbital Outfitters and their manufacturing of spaceflight participant spacesuits. We talked about ITAR issues surrounding spacesuits, their cooling systems, and some specifics with Orbital Outfitters. Jeff answered many listener questions, including one regarding whether they provide universal sizing or sizes to fit all or specific sizes for small to excessively large. One listener asked why the company used the name "orbital" when it was making suborbital products. You will want to hear what Jeff says about this as it is relevant to the business plan for Orbital Outfitters. Jeff was also asked about leasing versus selling the spacesuits and if any government agency, such as DOD or NASA, was considering becoming a customer. Listen for his answers to these inquiries. You can see the prototype of the Orbital Outfitters spacesuit at During the final segment, we talked about space diving. Jeff explained what this was all about and the technical and safety issues involved in being able to do it. He talked about the history, the world record holders, and the proposed upcoming jump from a very high altitude balloon by an experienced French skydiver, maybe as early as the end of this month. This is a very interesting discussion, especially as Jeff explains some of the forces that one will encounter doing this type of jump. If you are interested in learning more about Orbital Outfitters or if you want to ask Jeff Feige a question or share a comment with him, please do so at



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04 May 2008 Jeff Feige
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