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We welcomed Mark Hopkins back to the show to discuss interstellar space settlement. Here are some articles of interest in support of Mark's discussion:,  During the first segment of our 1 hour 28 minute program, Mark introduced us to interstellar space settlement by focusing on two sets of ideas.  One set involved using O'Neill cylinders with the other was based on looking at future technology 20 years or more in the future.  He fully described both idea sets, including propulsion issues, speed of light travel, how many places there might be to visit and the why do it in the first place big vision & policy question.   See if you agree with Mark's answer as to why people would want to do and have interstellar settlement.  Email questions started coming in as a response to Mark's presentation.  Paul said something would have to b done with the Outer Space Treaty if property rights were to be established.  BJohn in Sweden, being very skeptical, asked about cloned human spaceflight, downloading a brain, and what he termed "real human spaceflight."  Tim inquired about solar system settlement and technology while including lunar, Martian, and orbital settlement.  We also asked our guest about time lines for doing any type of solar system settlement.  Later, BJohn sked more questions about uploading one's mind or brain, again being very skeptical about what our guest was saying.  Mark talked about refueling from for Mars with lunar water ice.  Late in the first segment, Karen offered us her opinion that having governments involved in settlement would delay or kill the project.  Before the segment ended, Roger suggested that even an O'Neill space station of any kind was way beyond our technological capability today.  Mark mentioned the expansion of 3D printing in space and what that would mean for the industry & space development. 

In the second segment, Doug called to discuss several things with our guest.  For example, he mentioned using beamed technology though he acknowledged using this technology could result in the development and use of a space weapon.  Doug then brought up the Fermi Paradox, applying it to our discussion.   This proved to be an interesting discussion as well so don't miss it. Topics Doug and Mark talked about included the beam technology, slowing down using it, beam weaponization, self-replicating systems and risks, plus more.  Listener Jack sent in a note asking Mark about setting up a special NSS fund to start funding private sector efforts for interstellar settlement.  Todd asked if the science fiction movies helped or hurt the cause of space settlement in general.  Briefly, Mark said it helped.  Also in this segment, much was said about solar system settlement, especially since it could happen on a much faster time line than interstellar settlement.  BJohn asked additional questions during this segment, all of which reflected his total skepticism of what was being discussed.  He also inquired about the Fermi Paradox.  During Doug's earlier call, I asked both Mark and Doug to say a few words about the upcoming ISDC 2016 to be held in Puerto Rico later this year.  Several listeners asked Mark what could be done to pave the way for settlement and interstellar settlement. He talked about lobbying congress & suggested one join the NSS as that is a goal of the organization.  Mark then offered us tips for how best to lobby congress regarding space matters.  In Mark's summary statement, he talked about settlement offering humanity a hopeful and good future. 

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04 Jan 2016 Mark Hopkins
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