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Guest:  Dr. Ethan Siegel; Topics:  Ethan's Kickstarter project, "Encyclopaedia Cosmologica, dark matter and dark energy topics, more on UAP, private fusion companies, a brief history of astrophysics and much more. 

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We welcomed Dr. Siegel back to the show to discuss his new Kickstarter project for the "Encyclopaedia Cosmologica."  We spent considerable time talking about this project, the team that developed it, the scope of the project, the importance of the first edition and much more.  For example, Ethan spent much time talking about the illustrations, the timelines and how he tied universe development to timelines we might be more familiar with.  Our guest went over the support and benefit options should you wish to participate in this Kickstarter project.

Other topics discussed are those mentioned in the tags, repeated here:  Tags:  Dr. Ethan Siegel, astrophysics short history, history of the universe, Encyclopaedia Cosmologica, Kickstarter project, cosmic inflation, flat universe, random acts and development, inferring in physics, Euclid dark matter telescope, dark matter, dark energy, Eddington rate (limit), New Physics, UAPs, evidenced based science, succumbing to wishful thinking, classified information, hard to keep secrets, fusion energy, private fusion companies, scams in commercial fusion, cold fusion, importance of science and math.

Topics that got my attention were of course the UAP topic and the call by our resident UAP follower, John Hunt.  The discussion we had about fusion was excellent and informative, especially when it came to talking about the private or commercial fusion companies.  Ethan pointed out that several were scams in his opinion, getting government money on projects that were never going to happen.  While he did not name any companies, he advised lots of due diligence and caution with the private fusion companies and cited cold fusion as an example of projects getting continued funding when again, in his opinion, should not be getting any funding.  He did say that there were some excellent commercial fusion companies making legitimate progress but once again no sch companies were identified.

Talking about Dark Matter and Dark Energy is always interesting.  Fremont John called to ask about the ESA Euclid telescope to detect dark matter. Ethan had some interesting comments but this discussion reminded me of the guest we had a few years back from the Lawrence National Lab on dark matter and energy so I have reached out to see if she would return as a guest.  I will let you know if that happens. One current affairs issue came by a listener, the CA changes in the UC high school math requirements.  The listener said algebra 2 and calculus were being taken off the required list.  Ethan said he was not familiar with the changes but for students wanting to study science, math, engineering and such, the more math they take the better.  He also said if it is not being offered in your school, find another way to take the classes because math is crucial for these studies.

Please post all your comments/questions for Dr. Siegel on our blog for this show.  You can reach Ethan through The Space Show or his own blog, "Starts with a Bang!"




Dr. Siegel returns with new info and his new project.

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04 Aug 2023 Dr. Ethan Siegel
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