Broadcast 1338 (Special Edition)

04 Apr 2010 Eric Lerner
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Guest: Eric Lerner. Topics: Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) fusion, fusion energy in general. Eric Lerner was our guest to discuss his work with DPF fusion energy and cosmology. In our first segment, Eric provided us with an update and overview from his last appearance on The Space Show which was in August 2006. Eric explained DPF and responded to the frequent question which is why start with boron and hydrogen fuel when the deuterium tritium reaction is much easier. You will certainly want to listen to his explanation of this. Eric talked about aneutronic fusion, other companies working with the hydrogen boron fuel but with something other than DPF, and he talked about the probable cost per unit of electricity with this type of fusion. As we started the second segment, Mr. Lerner talked about metastability and the actual technology used in DPF. It might be best to follow this discussion by visiting this part of his website at In response to questions, he explained how the high temperatures are contained with magnetic fields and other technologies, including those suggested in the large Tokomaks. He talked about the lack of radiation as a byproduct in the DPF fusion process. We discussed time lines for his business and the technology in general. Investor returns and expectations were discussed and what it will take to get to the prototype stage of development. Eric was also asked about fusion being a green energy so listen to what he had to say about this. As we started the third and final segment, Eric explained Muonic Hydrogen Fusion in response to a question by listener Tony. We then discussed fusion for space propulsion, NASA, using it to leave Earth's gravity field or using it only for space transportation once in LEO. Toward the end of the segment, Eric talked about cosmology and specifically some of the questions surrounding the Big Bang Theory. He told us about his work with others using the surface brightness test which might provide additional explanations for the red shift that conventional theories say points to an expanding universe. We talked about the issues of getting out of the box theories published in reviewed journals and he told us about which is an Alternative Cosmology Group website for those to discuss their theories and for interested parties to read, learn, and participate. At the end of the program, Eric was asked about volunteers with his work and he explained how those interested in volunteering should go about contacting him. Follow Focus Fusion at His company website is If you have a comment or question for Eric Lerner, you can contact him using the Contact link on his website or by emailing him at Please reference The Space Show in the subject line.



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