Broadcast 805 (Special Edition)

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This special program is a simulcast of the 62 Mile Club special event, "'s Closer Than You Think" program which was held Oct. 4, 2007 at the Luxe Hotel in Bel Air, California. You will hear all the terrific talks made during this impressive program which promotes the commercial space industry to future customers, investors and the general public. About 140 people attended the event, networking opportunities were awesome for those in attendance, and The Space Show bring all of the excellent speakers and talks to you. 62 Mile Club founders, Robert Jacobson and Eddie Van Pelt, lead off the program. They are followed by Dr. Vernon McDonald of Wyle Labs, a sponsor of this excellent event. You will also hear John Spencer of The Space Tourism Society and a regular on The Space Show, Rick Searfoss, former astronaut, XCOR Test Pilot, public speaker and regular Space Show guest, Rick Citron, also a past Space Show guest and accomplished space financier and space attorney, Gwynne Shotwell, VP of Space X and also a Space Show guest. Their talks are inspiring and informational. The Space Show thanks Robert and Eddie of the 62 Mile Club for their cooperation, support and vision in not only putting together an incredible program but in working with me to have this event broadcast live on The Space Show. For more information about the 62 Mile Club, their excellent work, and for membership, visit If you have questions or comments, email Robert at



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03 Oct 2007 Robert Jacobson, Eddie Van Pelt, Vernon McDonald of Wyle Labs, John Spencer, Rick Searfoss, Rick Citron, Gwynme Shotwell
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