Broadcast 1185 (Special Edition)

03 Jul 2009 Dr. Stuart Eves
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Guest: Dr. Stuart Eves. Topics: Surrey Satellite Technology, LTD., smallsats, Moon, technology directions, U.S. growing market. Dr. Stuart Eves was our returning guest for this Space Show program to update us and discuss Surrey Satellite Technology, Ltd. missions and programs. Dr. Eves discussed five main areas with us: 1) the new SST office in Denver and the pursuit of business in the U.S.; 2) current SST missions; 3) technologies for small satellites and how this changes the ways we use them; 4) opportunities for small sats to be more cost-effective; 5) Surrey ambitions for sats beyond Earth orbit such as the Moon Lite program. We discussed these topics and subjects in some detail plus the listener questions took us into some new areas. For example, we had a question about the Surrey plan to work with White Knight 2 and to make GPS satellites for the European Galileo GPS array. Don't miss what Stuart had to say about these ventures. ITAR was a big topic given Surrey is in the UK and they now have a U. S. office. You will want to hear this discussion as it provides a good example of ITAR rules and compliance as Surrey the parent in the UK is also now in a Denver office. I also urge you to listen to the international ventures that Surrey is involved in and think how challenging such projects might be for a U.S. company given the current ITAR protocol. Dr. Eves took us to new territory as well by talking about stand alone devices and satellites that increasingly talk to each other and do on board data processing. These technologies are going to revolutionize how we use and apply satellites and develop the space industry. Stuart described their Moon Lite program which is really interesting. I hope they get their funding for the project. Stuart was asked what Surrey is doing to mitigate creating space debris when one of their satellites reaches the end of its life. As you will hear, Surrey is on the cutting edge of mitigation development and technology. Listen to how Surrey avoids regulation creep, something that really hampers American space projects. This was and is an action packed two hour discussion that you do not want to miss. If you have any questions or comments for Dr. Stuart Eves, you can email him directly at



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