Broadcast 356 (Special Edition)

03 Jul 2005 Daniel Bateman
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Daniel Bateman, the Community Outreach Manager for the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center was the guest for this program. Mr. Bateman began the show by discussing the various educational and outreach programs sponsored by the Center, the adult and younger astronaut training programs, and the curriculum support offered by the museum. He also discussed their program to lease artifacts from their collection and how interested parties can avail themselves of speakers from the Center for their own educational and outreach programming. Mr. Bateman told us about the V1 and V2 rockets on display in the museum, other space artifacts, and much more. In response to a listener question, Mr. Bateman discussed the issue of science versus creationism in Kansas schools and how this impacts programs such as that offered by the Space Center. We discussed return to flight, the Space Exploration Vision, and the ISS, in the context of how these programs inspire, motivate and go over with the general public, school kids, parents, and teachers. Toward the end of the program, Mr. Bateman was asked a question by email from a Kansas listener about the history of space in the days of the Old West and cowboys. Mr. Bateman's response has started me on a literature search to see if I can find a history about this subject and possibly do a program about the topic. Visit the website for the Center at Mr. Bateman can be emailed through the website or as always through me at



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