Monday, April 3: Dr.Space Suggestions

03 Apr 2017
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Suggested Golden Oldies for today are as follows:


1.  Broadcast 295, Jan. 4, 2005.  Guest:  Alfred Zaehringer;  This was the first time Al was on the show.  He was an exceptional aerospace and rocket engineer.  What he said during this interview made a big impression on me and helped shape the direction of The Space Show in these early years.  If you like listening to Al, he was a guest several more times.  You can find all his shows by searching for his last name.


2.  Broadcast 196, Feb. 16, 2004.  Wally Schirra, Jr.  was the guest.   This was the first time Wally was on the show.  He returned several more times before his passing.  His programs were fun, entertaining, and very informative.


3.  Broadcast 1845, August 31, 2012.  This was the first time Bas Lansdorp of Mars One was on the show.  He was describing in full the Mars One project.


Golden Oldie favorites from Dr.Space

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