Broadcast 576

The Space Foundation Conference

03 Apr 2008 Dr. Vadim Y. Rygalov
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Deep Space Message: This is the Deep Space Message by Dr. Vadim Rygalov, Space Studies, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, USA: Greetings from Earth (third planet from the Sun in our planetary system in the Milky Way Galaxy)! Hello Colleagues from the Intelligent Universe Community! My name is Vadim Rygalov and I am an Assistant Professor from the UND Space Studies Department. Don’t you find that some sort of contact between us Terrestrials and other civilizations, which we believe are spread out widely even in close proximity to our Solar System, would be quite useful for both sides? I personally believe that there are forces and influences that not only separate us, intelligent creatures, such as material resources for support physical bodies functioning (Unfortunately in our part of the Universe, Principle of Thermodynamic Dissipation is very actively presented, and also density of minerals is relatively low for intensive information exchange processes), but also some sort of tendencies which could lead to aggregation and collaboration between thinking minds which would provide stability in this violent world through exploration of intelligent control approach. That’s why along with three main responses, such as ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ were passed down to us from our ancestors, we have another social response, such as ‘collaboration’ to achieve common goals. Collaborative approaches did help us a lot to survive in a dangerous environment of Earth (primarily in the food – pyramids widely applied in Earth Biosphere to feed different creatures), and it looks promising as an approach to survive in the dangerous environment of space. Please let us know what you think? Dr. Professor Vadim Rygalov.



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