Broadcast 1010 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

02 Sep 2008 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest: Open Lines with DrSpace. Dr. David Livingston (DrSpace) conducted an Open Lines show for this Space Show program. The theme for this show was a look back at the seven years of programming with more than 1,000 shows. In the process of sharing my reflections on trends, changes, and strong and weak points of the space industry, we had lots of callers and online questions. We covered many topics ranging from educational issues, to business planning and due diligence to hard core engineering and scientific analysis of ventures and rhetoric often heard in the industry. We talked about NewSpace, the traditional aerospace industry, and the participants. You will hear me rant about some of my pet peeves and listeners can either agree or disagree with me. A cautionary note, please, there are two instances where in the heat of my passion my language turned a bit foul. While I can do this on an internet show, it was not appropriate and I apologize in advance to anyone who might be offended with the expressions I used. It won't happen again, not even on another Open Lines show. Going back to the show, we talked about the difference between dreams and a fantasy and how to make a dream turn into reality. We talked about wish list thinking, making something that is not yet real and probably off in the future as if it's real today. We talked with callers about being in a hurry and wanting space and our wish list items to unfold now, and in the context of one caller, before we die. We also talked about the influence on us all from the science fiction world. This two and one-half hour show covers much territory. I hope you enjoy it. Your feedback is more than welcome and if you want to reach any of the callers with a comment or question, send it to me and I will be sure to forward it. Just tell me who it is you want to get the note. You can send your feedback, comments and questions to me at



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