Broadcast 265 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

02 Oct 2004 Adriano Autino
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Adriano Autino, writer, space advocate, and Italian entrepreneur was the guest for this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Autino updated us on space advocacy in Italy, including the impact of Space Ship One and the X-Prize across Italy. Mr. Autino shared with his ideas regarding space entrepreneurism, the large aerospace and aviation industry, and the small businesses that he believes are generally responsible for most of the progress made in industry. He used his own software company and experience as a model for his theory. In addition, we talked about the politics of space and how important space is to humanity, especially regarding the capability of using space to avoid continued dependence on oil and our present day energy economy. In this part of the discussion, space solar power was examined and Mr. Autino outlined just how space solar power could help the peoples on Earth avoid the wars, poverty, and problems resulting from oil and the energy economy in existence today. This discussion led to Adriano's talking to us about the need to settle the Moon as a priority. Listeners asked him about going on to Mars, even to some of the deep craters on Mercury and while he is strongly supportive of all of this space settlement, Adriano Autino carefully and thoroughly put forth the explanations for why returning to the Moon is the priority. You will not want to miss this program as it provides Space Show listeners with a different perspective on important matters from what we normally here from guests here in America. I look forward to Mr. Autino returning to The Space Show next year.



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