Broadcast 275 (Special Edition)

02 Nov 2004 Dr. Eligar Sadeh
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Dr. Eligar Sadeh helped us bring election returns and space policy ramifications to Space Show from election results to Space Show listeners. We discussed the likely direction space policy will take depending on who became president. We talked about the future of NASA, a possible change in the NASA administrator should Kerry have won, the fate of the emerging entrepreneurial space companies, the large aerospace industry and more. We talked about the international aspects of the new space policy vision articulated by President Bush last January. Dr. Sadeh provided us with his perspectives on the political future of the space program under a second Bush term or a Kerry term. During our discussion, we brought in some of the election returns for members of congress known to be favorable for space development and programs. Dr. Sadeh gave us valuable insights to the coming year regarding space policy. He is on the record and we look forward to his return to the program to see how his insights hold up with the test of time. Thus, we look forward to Dr. Sadeh's return The Space Show.™



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