Broadcast 937 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Steve Harrington, Flometrics, Inc., Dr. Pete Wordin, Dr. Buzz Aldrin, David King, NASA Ames Amateur Radio Club. This program consists of a recorded set of interviews starting first with Steve Harrington at the Responsive Space Conference #6. Following the Harrington interview, you will hear the set of recorded interviews from this year's Yuri's Night, April 12, 2008 at NASA Ames. During the Yuri's Night interviews, you will hear my mention of the less than stellar treatment of the media by new Yuri's Night media/press rules and systems. Even the Buzz Aldrin interview was cut short as we were asked to leave the room as some of the Yuri's Night people said they needed the space Buzz and I were using. Buzz was a great sport about it and we ended the interview on a very positive note despite being given "the boot." As for Responsive Space Conference interviews, there will be several more, please watch the website newsletter as well as the email newsletter for dates and details. As for the Yuri's Night interviews, you will hear a few talks by David King, CEO of General Orbital, an airship company. Much of what David says is based on his experience working with General Orbital to fund and develop the company. His last interview is a discussion for Dan Shaw who was videoing several interviews at Yuri's Night, including this one with David. I ended up participating in the interview to drive David to expand more on what he was talking about and to challenge some of what he was saying so he would be clearer and more detail-oriented in his comments. If you want to see the YouTube interview with David King as well as the interview I did with Buzz (Dan videotaped my Buzz interview), check them out at Scroll down on the left to the cuts that you want to view. The Yuri's Night interviews start out with a welcome message by Dr. Pete Worden, the director of NASA Ames. There is also a piece with the NASA Ames amateur radio club as they were out on the tarmac at Yuri's Night with radio telescopes that could ping the Moon and have the signal return. Unfortunately, as you will hear, weather and atmospheric conditions did not allow for the return ping back to us at Ames. If you have a comment or question for Steve Harrington or any of the Yuri's Night interviews, please send it to me at, specify who you want to receive your comment or question and I will forward it. Be patient for a reply.



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02 May 2008 Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Dr. Steve Harrington, Dr. S. Pete Worden
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