Broadcast 490 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

02 May 2006 Alan Wasser
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Alan Wasser, the Chairman of the Space Settlement Institute, was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Wasser began the interview by telling us about The Space Settlement Institute and then the Space Settlement Initiative. Listeners are urged to check this information out at the following sites: www.SpaceSettlement.Org and also Make sure you read the article we discussed at length on the program, you will find it at In addition, you can contact Mr. Wasser through the website or at The Space Settlement Institute has as its purpose to promote human colonization and settlement of outer space, especially by means of the private sector, not the government. To develop a profit motive for space settlement, Mr. Wasser wants to make it possible for a lunar settlement to claim and own lunar real estate and then re-sell the lunar real estate to those back home on Earth. During the program, we discussed this plan and examined its feasibility given the Outer Space Treaty. You will want to hear this innovative and thought provoking discussion. Mr. Wasser says he could use some help. Listen to the program, investigate the Space Settlement websites and if you find you are in agreement with him, get on board. As always, you can also contact this guest through me at and I will forward all mail to Alan.



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