Broadcast 901 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

02 Mar 2008 Dr. Ken Davidian
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Ken Davidian returned to The Space Show as the NASA EMSD (Exploration Systems Mission Directorate) Commercial Development Policy Lead. You can follow part of Ken's discussion with the following URLs. The first is part of his presentation from the recent Space Exploration Conference and can be found at: The second URL is a complete list of presentations from the conference: In the first segment of the program, Ken explained the position and effort NASA is making regarding both commercialization and commercial development. Ken went into some detail in order to explain the difference between the two and described some of the challenges facing the organization in the transition from commercialization to commercial development. We discussed the value behind NASA contracting for private services versus doing them in-house and a listener brought in the Zero G flights as an example. You will want to hear this discussion. Ken spoke about the need to sustain a commercial presence on the lunar surface when we go back. When asked about the high cost of the ESAS architecture needed to take us back to the Moon as being unaffordable for the private sector, he spoke about possible private options that he and others in NASA hope develop. Another interesting topic was the reception within NASA for commercial development. Ken had much to say on this topic throughout the program and you will certainly want to hear this. We spoke a little about the COTS program, but he also brought us current on Centennial Challenges and that there is now a new director of the program. He talked about a few of the specific programs still in play, including the Lunar Lander Challenge and we went into some detail about the next contest. While the date and location are not finalized, Ken was optimistic that it will take place later this year. Ken Davidian provided a superb inside NASA look at efforts to support commercialization and commercial development. This was a comprehensive discussion covering many more topics than I am summarizing here and you will want to hear what he has to say. Toward the end of the show, we discussed new forms of networking and Generation Y, including his having attended a recent Gen Y conference at NASA Ames. This is important, so don't miss this part of the discussion. Also, note that Ken is on FaceBook and Twitter and can easily be found by searching for Davidian or KDavidian on either one. If you want to send Ken further comments or questions, his email address is



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