Broadcast 3144 Michelle Hanlon

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Guest:  Michelle Hanlon; Topics: Lunar and space historical site protection, space archaeology, lunar site registry and much more. 

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We welcomed back Michelle Hanlon of For All Moonkind ( for updates, progress, and new developments regarding protecting lunar historical sites and hardware, space archaeology and much more.  During the first segment of the program, Michelle explained the problem, the current status regarding protecting lunar site, the strategy working through the international community, the granting of Permanent Observer Status to the UN COPUOS, and the use of Block Chain Technology.  As you will hear, their initial goal is to catalog all the lunar historical sites and hardware, some 80 plus sites, into a registry.  Our guest explained in detail the purpose of the registry, how it will be used, and the public having access to it.  A Canadian company volunteered to produce the registry which should be completed by the fall of 2018. 

Additional first segment related topics included commercializing the Moon, human lunar communities (settlement), and the support for lunar site preservation from the commercial industry, the organizations planning to go to the Moon for operations and profits, UN participating nations and more. We also talked about the challenges in creating a new treaty for historical site preservation and space archaeology, not just for the Moon but for all space.  Don't miss what our guest said about the challenges in getting a new treaty on these issues and the possible timeline for a new treaty.  Party of the treaty discussion focused on how the treaty provisions will be enforced. 

The discussion moved to Mars with listener questions about what would get protected on Mars.  For example, how about rover tracks?  A listener asked about the Tesla that goes near Mars. Don't miss what our guest said about the Tesla.

Before the first segment ended, I asked our guest for her action list for accomplishing the goals of For All Moonkind.  Michelle talked about using Block Chain Technology, the need for the registry list to be completed and to make a grid of all items on the Moon.  Questions before the segment ended focused on protecting lunar burial sites where Celestis payloads of human remains/ashes have landed on the Moon and maybe someday on Mars. 

In the second segment, Michelle was asked if the Moon was the equivalent of a Global Commons.  She provided us with a legal definition for global commons and did not think it fit the Moon.  She suggested the Moon was a Provence For All Mankind which she said was a different concept.  Don't miss how she defined this difference with the commons meaning.  At one point I referred to old sci-fi movies and asked she thought that one day there would be a Governor of the Moon!  She said no but listen to all of what she said on this topic. 

As we were nearing the end of the program, lots of questions came up regarding outreach, public opinion outside the space public, school outreach and talking to members of congress.  Michelle talked about the need to raise space awareness, she referenced many advantages and benefits for humanity for space but was clear that in the general non-space audience, awareness and appreciation needs to be increased. 

Bill asked her about NASA rules for protecting the sites. She said they were only guidelines, applicable only to Americans, and probably would violate the OST.  Listen for her detailed explanation regarding this subject.  BJohn asked about the possible use of recycle materials on the Moon from space hardware.  You might be surprised by what Michelle said in response to this question.  Don't miss Michelle's closing comments.

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02 Jul 2018 Michelle Hanlon
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