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We welcomed Michael Listner back to the show for important space law and policy updates.  During the first segment of our nearly two hour program, Michael and I started out by my commenting about the international commercial space participants at the recently concluded NewSpace Conference.  I noted the people from Luxembourg being present as well as a team representing Portugal and the Azores for a spaceport in the Azores.  I mentioned meeting a Space Show listener from New Zealand at the conference as commercial space was a priority in New Zealand.  We talked about activity in other countries too including Australia, Finland, the UAE.  Michael talked about the push forward for US domestic spaceports and he updated us on the Georgia Space Act which he described.  We briefly talked about their spaceport and the access it will have to the Atlantic Ocean and orbital flights. Michael then mentioned recent activity in nearby Alabama plus work being done to classify the Front Range Airport near Denver as a spaceport. 

Next, Michael moved the conversation to a discussion of two important pending pieces of legislation introduced in the House of Representatives.  We discussed H.R. 2809 American Space Commerce Free Enterprise Act.  Michael went through the pros and cons of this bill (there are many of both) in some detail.  Were this bill to eventually become law, it would change much of what we do right now but one of the major changes would be transforming space to a 'right" instead of a privilege.  Do not miss what Michael had to say about this bill as for sure we will be hearing more about it in the future.

Michael also talked about H.R. 2571 Spaceflight Training And Astronaut Reform Act.   The short summary of this bill would  provide experimental licenses for spaceflight training vehicles to train those going to space separately from using the operational spaceflight vehicle.  The training vehicle could be a different vehicle from the participant carrying vehicle.  Listen carefully to what Michael said about this bill and his explanation as to why he liked it - so far.  What do you think?  Let us know on the blog.

For the remainder of the first segment, Michael updated us on the RD 180 matter with Senator McCain.  He also talked about efforts that seem to be underway to modernize space law including a fresh look at the Outer Space Treaty.  Michael then addressed the issue of how U.S. law can influence and impact international space law, both for good and bad.

In the second segment, Michael and I took several listener phone calls and I read several more emails regarding what Michael was talking about.  An email from Adrian was first up. He asked about AI and space policy, laws, and regs.  Michael was not up on AI and while he thought it would start to show up on the legal side of things later on, it was not yet center stage.  Next, I read an email from Jody asking two questions.  The first was about legal and policy efforts to keep US space startups funded form within the US.  Both Michael and I offered comments on this so don't miss what we said.  Jody also asked about the possibility of a Space Corps and new NDAA language pointing in that direction.  Michael had much to say on the Space Corp as did I so don't miss this part of the conversation.  Along the same lines, Dan called to talk about issues front and center with the Space Enterprise Coalition, including the Space Corp.  I would suggest some reading about The Space Enterprise Consortium.  Here are some websites and articles that you might find interesting:;  Don't miss what Dan had to say as it was important.  In addition, he will be coming on TSS as a full guest later in August to speak directly about the Space Enterprise Consortium and more.

Michael had much to say about Australia and the contribution on the subject to his newsletter The Precis by Dr. Alice Gorman.  It is an excellent update for the Australian space program so if you subscribe to The Precis, make sure you read it.  Alice has been a guest on TSS and will be again.

Karl of Valt Enterprises, LLC called to talk about the proliferation of spaceports.  In addition, we briefly touched upon his company hypersonic work and research.  Karl will soon be a guest on The Space Show to discuss the exciting things he is doing with hypersonic technology and vehicle development. 

Just before the show ended, Michael with Karl again mentioned the Colorado spaceport effort to use the existing Front Range Airport which is not far from the Denver area.  He repeated what he said earlier in that both the space policy and legal sides of commercial space development were very active at this time.  Finally, we talked about his excellent newsletter The Precis.  Check it out at

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  If you want to reach Michael Listner you can do so through me or his website above.




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02 Jul 2017 Michael Listner
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