Broadcast 1082 (Special Edition)

02 Jan 2009 Dan Adamo
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Guest: Dan Adamo was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss his White Paper, "Revisited Virtues of Lunar Surface Rendezvous (LSR)." Mr. Adamo started out explaining the nature of the current NASA plan for returning to the Moon which requires launching on Ares 1 and then Ares V over a four day critical launch interval. Dan explained the differences with LSR as he sees it and the NASA plan, making sure that listeners understood the programs and how LSR was unique. For starters with LSR, one launch, one class of vehicle, no rendezvous in TLI, probably economically leaner and a timer saver, plus much more. Listen to what Dan had to say about LSR and decide for yourself. He is interested in your feedback, especially if you see or find flaws in his reasoning and analysis. Dan will send you his white paper or I will, just request it from either of us. The entire two hour program was focused on clearly understand what Mr. Adamo was proposing as compared to the NASA program. In this context, he mentioned that Direct 2.0 might be better than Ares 1 but it still uses the same architecture as the NASA plan. Again, all of this is unnecessary using LSR! We talked about using expendable rockets such as the Delta, Atlas and others, and we talked about how Russia or China might go to the Moon. A listener asked Dan to explain why it was important to return to the Moon or for that matter to have a human space program. We even asked about bypassing the Moon and going directly to Mars or a NEO. You will definitely want to hear what our guest had to say in response to these questions and comments. Dan was asked about doing something useful in GEO versus only LEO. Don't miss his response to that inquiry. This was a very comprehensive discussion about going to the Moon and how best to do it. In the discussion, fuels were mentioned, storage was brought up, the Altair lander was discussed, international cooperation was suggested, and the ISS was the topic for some of the discussion. This is an informative, thought provoking, program which includes Dan having addressed NASA cultural issues, communications, problem solving, and some of his experiences when he was at JSC. You can email him with your comments or questions or to request his papers at or contact me at and I will forward your inquiry to him. I too have his papers and upon your request will be happy to email them to you.



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