Broadcast 883 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

02 Feb 2008 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest: Gala Event for the 50th Anniversary of America in Space in Huntsville, AL, Jan. 31, 2008. This Space Show program is a recording of the Gala Event held at the Davidson Center for Space Exploration for the dedication of the original, fully restored Saturn V Moon Rocket. The program starts out with an already in-progress special press conference with several astronauts. You will hear most of it although the audio can be challenging. In fact, the audio for this entire program is challenging and you will hear me explain why during my introductory remarks. You will hear the opening remarks and credits, the National Anthem, the prayer, the audio to several MoviTone and old news clips about the early days of our space program and its development. Also featured are special recorded messages from Tom Brokaw and Walter Cronkite, and a letter read on behalf of Dr. Stuhlinger who was ill and, like the others, could not be present for the festivities. In addition, there was an award given to the German rocket team behind Explorer 1 and the Saturn V and acceptance remarks by Konrad Dannenberg. Discovery TV plays the trailer for their June 2008 special television documentary on the early days of the space program and you will hear the special Saturn V grand finale. During a break in the formal program, I take you on a walking tour of the main room and the Saturn V. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them to me at Again, I do apologize for audio quality issues , but it was not easy to record this program with the ambient background noise and the need to hold the microphone to loud speakers.



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