Broadcast 1065 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Thalia "ad.astra" Kohls was our guest for this show to discuss and NewSpace from an outsider's perspective. Thalia shared with us her views and experiences in communicating with NewSpace participants on blogs and in other venues and you will hear why she is critical of this community. I too have shared many of her experiences and commented on them during the show. We also spoke about engineering, science, and inspiring space projects like humans to Mars. Thalia expressed the view that she was not very optimistic about seeing a return to the Moon in her lifetime. A listener around the same age chatted in saying practically the same thing. You will not want to miss this discussion. We took a look at NASA, SSP, space tourism, and RLVs from her perspective as an outsider. This is a discussion you will not want to miss. As you will hear, this was definitely an unusual program with important points of view looking in at various aspects of the space industry by someone who definitely likes and supports space, but primarily resides outside the space community. Thalia's comments should be a learning experience for us all. If you have a comment or question for Thalia Kohls, please send it to me at and I will forward it to her.



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02 Dec 2008 Thalia Kohls
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