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Guest:  Dr. Ken Davidian; Topics: space tourism, research methodology, management models, Ken's paper "Space Tourism Industry Emergency: Description and Data", orbital tourism, marketing, share topic research models.

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We welcomed Dr. Ken Davidian back to the show to discuss his excellent published paper "Space Tourism Industry Emergence : Description and Data." I urge you to download and read his paper per the link I placed on the blog for this show.  In addition, our guest spent considerable time during the first segment and near the end of the program going through management models for conducting research and using models that could collect data on a variety of research topics to add to the quality of data available and ultimate research products.  Follow along with Dr. Davidian as he takes us through the models, historical analysis with key players in the field, plus how the research models were used for Ken's space tourism research work.  Note that while Ken focused on suborbital tourism, he did take several questions relating to orbital tourism plus he was asked if he had a preference for lunar or free space ((O'Neill) tourism.  I believe it is important to note what Ken said about space advocacy and assumption making in general and in specific with space enthusiasts.  I added my color into the discussion since assumption making has been a major source of my rants over the years.

In keeping with earlier Space Show programs, I am repeating the Tags/Key Words to better summarize discussion topics during our 100 minute program.  That said, we did cover many other topics as you will hear plus Ken spent considerable time discussing the various management models, their significance and how to use them to greatly improve academic research, not just for space tourism for most topics. Several key questions came in from listeners, mostly by email.  For example, Ken was asked if his research revealed a trend over the years in the interest in space tourism.  Part of the foundation to this particular question was based on how much time has been spent talking about space tourism yet as an industry, it still does not exist (other than those going to the ISS) yet though we are getting closer.  I followed through on this set of questions by asking Ken why he thought it has taken so long to do suborbital tourism.  Another discussion topic that stood out for me was the focus on academic research versus the collection of the practical information as research.  You might have an opinion on this so please post your thoughts on our blog for this show.  I also liked it when early in the show our guest referred to "fan boys." Later, I used the term when asking Ken about fan boy assumption making.  Much was said about both Musk and Bezos throughout our program.

Our caller Marshall asked Ken about methodology with "swag" variables and research.   They spoke together about research processes, independent and dependent research and industry variables and what this may mean in reaching conclusions regarding the space tourism research.  Don't miss what our guest had to say in response to Marshall's questions. 

As we were ending the program, Ken talked about the New Space Journal.  We learned about their peer review process, their editorial and advisors and how you can submit an article to the journal.  You can also subscribe to it.  To find out more about The New Space Journal, visit their website at  By the way, the full name for the Journal is New Space

The Journal of Space Entrepreneurship and Innovation."

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02 Aug 2020 Dr. Ken Davidian
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