Sunday, April 2, 2017: Golden Oldie Suggestions For Suborbital Sunday

02 Apr 2017
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Since I will be at the Space Foundation Symposium this week and several of you wanted me to play Golden Oldies, here is what I am doing.  For each typical show day of the week that I am gone, Mon, Tuesday, and Friday, I will provide a theme like Suborbital Sunday and list 3 Golden Oldies from the archives that I believe you will appreciate hearing.  Play them at your convenience.


1.  Broadcast 99 from Feb. 25, 2003.  The guest was Jeff Greason, CEO of XCOR Aerospace at the time.  This was Jeff's first appearance on The Space Show.  Listen here:


2. Broadcast 1864 from  Oct 2, 2012.  The guest was John Powell of JP Aerospace.  While this is not really abot suborbita, I think the program can be assigned to this category.  This program contains the most famous debate ever. As John was describing his plans for Airship to Orbit, a program by JP Aerospace, Charles Pooley called in to challenge John on his plans, the physics, the technology, you name.  This discussion/debate still stands today a probably the top or close to top most memorable discussion on The Space Show.   You can listen to this two hour program here:


3.  Broadcast 266 from Oct. 3, 2004.  This is the live broadcast regarding SpaceShipOne winning the Xprize.  The Space Show had reporters on the ground in Mojave and in New York serving as a co-anchor.  Lots and lots of people were interviewed in Mojave and many people, some very well known, called the show.   The broadcast was close to four hours in length.  You can listen to it here:




Golden Oldies: Suborbital Sunday History

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