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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest: Phil Smith, Communications Director for the Secure World Foundation (please visit, was the guest for this Space Show program. Our discussion started with an overview of the Secure World Foundation which includes working to have a secure and sustainable use of space for the benefit of Earth and all its peoples. The Foundation engages with academics, policy makers, scientists, and advocates in the space and international affairs communities in order to support steps that strengthen global space security and promotes the development of cooperative and effective uses of space for the protection of the Earth's environment and human security. The Foundation acts as a research body, convener, and facilitator in order to advocate for key space security and other space related topics and to examine their influence on governance and international development. That said, we spent considerable time talking about the weaponization and militarization of space. You will want to hear this comprehensive discussion. During this discussion, we talked about both the Chinese and the US ASAT tests, their difference, the world perceptions of them, and more. Other topics we address included orbital debris and debris mitigation, the United Nations treaties, rogue nations and their policy, space tourism, space commerce, and spaceports here and abroad. We also talked about US space policy as a function of international opinion of the United States. I believe this to be an important and most interesting program that you will want to hear. You can send a note, comment, or question to Phil Smith at



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01 Sep 2008 Phil Smith
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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