Broadcast 218 (Special Edition)

01 May 2004 Marianne Dyson
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Marianne Dyson, a former NASA Mission Controller working the first five space shuttle flights, was the guest on this Space Show program. Ms. Dyson discussed her experiences as a Mission Controller and shared with us some of her most memorable events with the first five space shuttle flights on which she worked. Ms. Dyson also went into detail about much of the engineering and science associated with the International Space Station (ISS), its importance, its uses, and more. She also shared with Space Show listeners how she explains these potentially complicated subjects to school-age children when she talks with them around the country and in her books which are written for the children's market (see below). Ms. Dyson talked at length about the Moon, why we should return to the Moon and the importance of the Moon to a future Earth economy. In responding to questions about going to the Moon as a stepping stone to going to Mars, Ms. Dyson explained that we should be doing both and that going to the Moon is not dependent on Mars, it has economic, social, and humanitarian reasons allowing lunar activity to stand on its own with its value to us here on Earth. Ms. Dyson favors going to Mars as well and shared her thoughts and analysis on the necessity of sending humans to Mars. Ms. Dyson also used the Space Show to lay claim to the Apollo landing site concession store sales once we have returned to the Moon to stay with settlements and business ventures! Ms. Dyson spoke about the upcoming National Space Society ISDC Annual Conference and the activities of the National Space Society. Her message to Space Show listeners, their families and children is an important one about our need to become space-faring and why. This program is also designed for children to hear so burn it to CD or let your kids hear what Marianne Dyson has to say about space and our presence in it. Ms. Dyson can certainly spark and motivate our kids to follow the space dream through school and on into their careers.



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