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Guest:  Dr. John Brandenburg; Topics:  physics, GEM Unification Theory, particle X17, Mars atmospheric isotopes, gravity, advanced propulsion, Woodward and Mach Thruster work and much more.

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We welcomed back Dr. John Brandenburg for a comprehensive two segment two hour 32 minute discussion.  The items in the program "tags" or key words accurately reflect the content and discussion topics for this interview.  In addition, there was initial confusion and listeners were not hearing the live stream.  I took time to reboot the server and people back on the stream. Note that this problem is because of the new Chrome version 80 browser.  Until our streaming guys can make adjustments to the new Chrome, you can listen using a Microsoft browser, Safari or Firefox.  You can use Chrome but choose FastTrack for our streaming service and use the media player for your system which will typically be Windows Media Player.  I hope StreamGuys can modify their player and streaming code sites quickly to be able to return to all of us who want to using Chrome as our browser of choice. 

Our program started with Dr. Brandenburg talking about, then introducing us to his GEM Theory of Unification.  GEM refers to gravity with electro-magnetism.  While we spent most of the first hour talking mainly about his GEM work, the topic kept returning in the latter half of the program.  For our guest to discuss his GEM Unification Theory, he did go into Einstein's work, relativity, competing explanations of gravity plus related concepts such as ZPF and work by his mentor, Dr. Edward Teller.  The speed of light was also a discussion topic.  John then talked about his paper to be presented at an upcoming American Physics Society Conference on Big G. Our guest spent time talking about the gravitational constant as part of his paper on Big G.

Freemont John sent in a blog comment about the application of his work for advance propulsion.  He wanted to know about his GEM theory and advanced propulsion.  John spoke about antigravity propulsion in space.  He addressed gravity modification and the idea of impulse drive.  Before moving on, Dr. B brought up the number 42.85 and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Don't miss this discussion.

John from Ft. Worth called to talk about emerchent gravity which he said was an Andrei Sakharov idea.  Dr. B started talking about the Ultra Violet Catastrophe (UVC) via the physics of Max Plank.  The two John's then spoke about Dr. Jim Woodward's work on Mach Thrusters , GEM and Mach theory.  Don't miss what Dr. B said as part of this discussion.  Dr. B talked about getting higher thrust levels with the Woodward work.  Be sure to hear what he said when I told him many people thought the thrust was nothing more than an artifact of the experiment.  He took after debunking that idea so be sure to listen to what he said.  Much of his commentary including talking about vibrations at high frequently which Dr. B said was New Physics.  John Hunt then injected the work of Dr. Hal Puthoff into the discussion regarding meta materials. Don't miss this discussion along with the others.  In fact, post your own ideas about it on our blog.

We started Part 2 of the program after I read our sponsor messages.  Tim from Huntsville was our first caller.  He wanted to talk with Dr. B about the Big Rip.  If you are not familiar with it, check it out here:  Dr. B connected his GEM work to the Big Rip theory, particle physics with the pion plus Z & W particles.  Dr. B talked about the strong and weak force.  Then he talked some more about advanced propulsion.

I read an email I received in advance of the program from James re XE 129 in the Martian atmosphere along with the total number of xenon isotopes in the Martian atmosphere concerning the work by Dr. B regarding huge nuclear explosions on Mars a long time ago. Dr. B did not know all the data James wanted but he said he would get it and put it on the blog.  Dr. B did point out issues in Mars atmosphere with Argon 38 and Krypton.  Dr. B then spoke about R Process on Mars which he explained it to the audience as he has done on earlier Space Show programs.  Don't miss what he said about all the Martian atmospheric isotopes and the R process as applied to his ideas about large nuclear weapons detonations on Mars 100 million years ago.  This conversation evolved back to GEM and the Le Sage ideas on gravity.  Dr. B defended his nuclear bomb ideas for Mars which brought up comments about Mr. Musk wanting to use hydrogen bombs to terraform Mars.  Dr. B talked about that idea, explaining some of the probable consequences for doing that and why he did not think it was a good idea.

Our next caller was Dr. Jurist from Billings.  He brought up the speed of light which came up earlier in the show given some work by Dr. Jack Sarfatti. Dr. Sarfatti has suggested the speed of light in a media is what counts.  Dr. B disagreed, as does Dr. Woodward plus all the John's talking on today's Space Show program.  Dr. B spoke about the speed of light, he explained the difference in a media or in a vacuum and he cited examples such as diamonds.  Don't miss this important speed of light discussion.   Dr. Jurist brought up additional issues so for sure you want to hear all of the Jurist-Brandenburg discussion.

Tony from Los Angeles sent in two emails with similar content asking if it was possible for the isotopes on Mars to have been delivered by an extrasolar comet or asteroid, especially since we now know we have had visitor "comets" from outside the solar system.  Listen carefully to how Dr. B responded to Tony's question.  Next up we heard from Freemont John asking about fission-fusion hybrids.  Dr. B was and is very positive on this concept to make sure you listen to their discussion.  Freemont John then talked particles with Dr. B, specifically  X17 referenced in Dr. B's GEM work.  One of the questions was could the Large Super Collider at Cern detect X17.  The answer was no but be sure to hear the full explanation.  The two talked X17 quite a bit, including references to the Fifth Force as described by the work of Kaluza–Klein. 

Dr. Brandenburg offered a summary of this very long program by talking about his paper being presented at the APS April Conference (if not cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19 ).  Once again he referenced Particle X17 and the Fifth Dimension per the Kaluza-Klein Theory. 

We took one last email.  Listener Judy, new to physics and The Space Show, asked Dr. B if the DC comic book character Superman was based on the element Krypton in the Periodic Table or did Superman and Krypton the planet come first.  Dr. B did not know the answer but found the question entertaining.  I looked up the answer. The element Krypton was discovered in 1898, long before Superman and DC Comics came on the scene.  It was not known if Krypton was selected as Superman's planet because of the element or if blowing the planet up had anything to do with the element.  I put out a call for an informed listener on these topics to share their wisdom if the origins of Superman were known and why a planet named Krypton.  Did it have anything to do with the element?  If anyone actually knows the answer to this, please post it on the blog for Judy and others interested in this question will also know the answer.  While the question was light hearted compared to the rest of today's discussion, it was a fun and entertaining way to end our latest Dr. B Space Show program.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach Dr. Brandenburg through me or by posting on The Space Show blog for this program.




John's GEM Unification Theory progress, Mars, Mach Thrusters and more

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01 Mar 2020 Dr. John Brandenburg
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