Broadcast 3277 Dwight Steven Boniecki

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Guest:  Dwight Steven-Boniecki; "Searching For Skylab," Skylab crew, Skylab stories and accomplishments, solar physics, the truth about the Skylab "mutiny," Skylab's return to Australia, and more.

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We welcomed back Dwight Steven-Boniecki to discuss his about to be released film, "Searching For Skylab."  It will be released early March 2019 on Vimeo (see the link below).  Follow the instructions provided by Dwight during the show so you can see it.  You can also reserve it on other sites at this time.  Dwight provided us with all the instructions and dates needed to be able to see this incredible film once it is released.  Note that I have seen an advanced copy of "Searching for Skylab" and it is very informative, entertaining, and a must see.  I urge you all to see it and post your comments about it on our blog for this show.   Here is the Vimeo link for the film:

During our one segment 93 minute discussion with Dwight, not only did he talk about the film but we received numerous calls and blog questions from those that worked on the film or actually flew on Skylab or were part of the Skylab team.  Our bloggers and callers told us great personal Skylab stories, cleared up rumors and misconceptions like those pertaining to could Skylab have been saved and the infamous mutiny reports which as you will hear, did not happen.  Wait till you hear the story about the Skylab shower!  Great fun as well as educational.  We also talked about the solar repair space walk with some humor from those doing the repair, advancing solar physics, the Skylab toilet, taking biological samples, and much more.  You will hear from Dr. Ed Gibson, Richard Garriott through his blog comments and questions, and Space Hipster Emily who was a technical advisor to the film (she will be a guest on TSS on May 19). 

Dwight provided us with some behind the scenes info about the film and he talked extensively about Skylab being an almost forgotten mission, taking a back seat to so many other NASA missions that were and still are in the spotlight.  That said, he talked about shy Skylab was so important, the Skylab accomplishments, and the way Skylab even today serves as a training tool for new missions, not just those that came right after Skylab. 

Please see the film and read the posts from the show that are on the blog.  We want to hear from you with your Skylab comments so do post them on the blog for this show.  You can reach Dwight through me or through the website,




"Searching For Skylab"

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01 Mar 2019 Dwight Steven-Boniecki
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